Tuesday, August 07, 2007


You know I have some ideas about teaching. One of which is a CHECKLIST. You don't grade students on things you haven't taught them. So teach, teach, teach. Then, once they're familiar with a concept, you can assess.

Things like common punctuation or grammar errors (my pet peeves: mixing up "your" and "you're", fragments, "its" and "it's") can be put on a checklist.

My checklist is going to be like:

Did I check for "its" vs. "it's"?
Did I check for sentence fragments?

And if they check "yes", well then, there should be NO problem right? It's about reviewing and editing your own work!

Why the rambling? Because I'm sick of people at work doing the same stupid errors on their reports even after I tell them over and over not to do certain things. Just want to scream.


Tickersoid said...

Thats' me frightened of.

OK, That's me frightened off.

Old Knudsen said...

I suggest you never read me then.