Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Y: The Last Man, Last Man Ever (Issue 60)

Dear Brian K. Vaughn,

Please let me kiss your shiny bald head. I think I'm in love.

Wow, that last page of the last Y: TLM ever...that just choked me up. Fucking brilliant.

P.S. Sullivan, if for some reason you talk to Mr. Vaughn, please pass on my wishes to kiss his shiny bald head.



I am doing more research on lisinopril, the fuckup drug that my mom's fuckup yutz of a doctor prescribed her FOR NO REASON.

She shouldn't even be taking it because she's on metformin! (Diabetes) And you can't take advil, aspirin, or Aleve type OTC pain relievers either because those have moderate interactions, too!!

I can't fucking believe the ER doctor last night didn't say anything about this mix! BASTARDS.

Oh my god. I am finding a new doctor for my mom like NOW.

And I'm going to fucking kill that yutz she has now.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I downloaded Google Earth and then proceeded to torture myself by virtually touring London.
The London Eye
Hyde Park

Passive Agressive Bullshit

So, I went downstairs this morning, and there was this nice "Christian" article laying out titled "I used to be a psychic" until "my daughter told me I was endangering her baby with the occult". GIVE ME A GODDAMNED FUCKING BREAK.
That woman's idea of the tarot is WARPED is she ascribes that much power to it. And her daughter is a fucking kook as well. Please, these people call US superstitious? I'll tell you who the superstitious fucks are, and it isn't me!
Oh, I am so mad about this. This is passive aggressive bullshit. My mother is a right-wing nutter. Officially.
I was so mad this morning coming in to work that I was almost crying. I need OUT of this house and SOON. I need to get my own place. Please, let something happen where I will get a windfall of money and find a nice affordable clean and safe apartment where I can live in PEACE without all this fucking idiotic Catholicism.
I'm going to go fucking crazy if I don't get out, and I'm seriously not exaggerating.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Geek history

I am totally wanting to watch this "African American History 2" that PBS is putting on Feb 6. Looks AWESOME. They're investigating the histories and geneaological records of African Americans like Tina Turner, Chris Rock, Maya Angelou, etc. Apparently Rock's so many great grandfather was actually an elected member of South Carolina's government! He was shocked!

Jane Austen: Mansfield Park

So, the PBS of Mansfield Park is done for the night. I think I have a common complaint about all the movies they've shown so far: too damn short.

They really are condensing the hell out of these productions and it shows. There are whole sections which are chopped out of the books. Jane Austen's novels are pretty pithy and direct - chopping stuff out really hurts. The characterization and events suffers.

Visually nothing to dislike, but not as much "stuffing" as needed to really convey the whole aspect of the novels.


One person's trash is another person's treasure

I MUST HAVE MARTIAN DNA. Because I am the mutant thinking liberal in my, at-times, infuriatingly right-wing nutjob Catholic-hoodoo ignoramus family.

I was showing my mom my tattoo since getting some of the color touched-up. She obviously doesn't think much of my getting an 8-10 inch tattoo. She asked huffily "what fable or legend is THAT supposed to be from?"

So I told her it was based off a tarot card (duuuh, the Strength card I mentioned earlier) and THEN she decides to freak. SPARE ME THE CATHOLIC HOLIER THAN THOU BULLSHIT, MOTHER, BECAUSE IT AIN'T WORKING ON ME.

She obviously thinks tarot is the devil or something. I immediately got pissed off at her reaction and told her she was completely ignorant of the tarot card if she thought that, and got treated to a "I know all about tarot!" Oh, bullshit, mother, BULLSHIT. You don't know the first fucking thing about it. Like most ignorant asses, she thinks it's a bunch of freaky witchcraft and devilry when it is NOTHING of the sort (and hey, witchcraft as far as true wiccans go is perfectly benign, too; they don't even believe in a "Devil" from what I've been told).

I was spluttering mad until I blurted out, "Yeah, and you believe some Jewish girl got knocked up and had a virgin birth?!"

No, I don't pull my punches, do I? Of course, she was affronted by that. And I told her, "See! Look at how some people's interpretation of one thing and...and...vice versa!" In other words, don't fucking piss on one person's hobby or belief system because yours can look utterly ridiculous taken from an outsiders viewpoint, too. That got through to her. I was like "Tarot isn't even a religion! Some people may view it as telling the future, but I don't!"

I look at it more as meditation and thinking outside the box.

Jesus-fucking-Christ and Knocked-up-Jewish-Chicks.

*rolls eyes*


Mansfield Park!

Story-wise, Mansfield Park probably isn't my favorite Jane Austen, but tonight's PBS version of it has Rose Tyler herself in it: Billie Piper!

Although, seriously, I cannot picture spunky Billie as shy, retiring Fanny. That's just ...weird.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taxes n beefcake

WHY THE FUCK IS IT, that with over two thousand less in income this past year, I get 500 less on my refund?! THIS FUCKING SUCKS.

This is bullshit! Give me that fucking "boost the economy" rebate check NOW you lousy government shits!

In other news:

I got an email from a total beefcake on . I don't quite know what to do. I mean...serious beefcake.

The past won't stay buried!

Oh holy mother of God. I can't believe this is true. This is....bad.

I just want to go "No, DONNIE, NO! You escaped! You became a serious actor..and now....NOOOOOO!!!!",,20174022,00.html

Sleeping like the dead


I slept, and slept...I am so out of it. I must be catching up on all the sleep I ever missed in the past semester. It seems like every Saturday lately I am out of it until late. Maybe I am fighting off a cold, too. My mom has one.


Tea. Toast.

Then off to gym.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Social Experiment Update

So I went back online to

This is the last time I ever accept an IM from 1) someone who has not messaged (email) me to introduce themselves 2) someone from Waukegan 3) someone without picture.

Yeah, I'm a lesbian because I don't want to watch you wank off on your webcam so I can help YOU get "ready for work" at the hospital. Wow, you already sound like 1) a freak and 2) selfish. It's all about YOU-YOU-YOU.

Whatever you fucking freak. No picture means you're probably horribly fat, pockmarked, missing a few teeth (and have the one front tooth you do have gold-capped like the ghetto freak you are living in Waukegan). You probably rape your "patients" in the between when you're mopping the floors and emptying the pisspans because you're probably just the fuckwad janitor.


Egads. It's sounding more and more like a freak accident, what happened to Ledger. Six prescription drugs for anxiety, insomnia and antibiotics for a cold? Very easily could have been a bad interaction among the drugs. If he went to different doctors (easily possible considering the different "things": mental and run-of-the-mill doctor for a cold), he might have forgotton to say he was taking other medication.
What a senseless thing. I hate it when they show him being wheeled out in that body bag. That is a tasteless image.
Poor Williams. Poor kid.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here is a byline from MSNBC:
Study: Bush led U.S. to war on 'false pretenses'
OMG! Did I wake up in 2002 a la "Life on Mars"? *rubs eyes*
No, it's still 2008. YOU FUCKING IJITS. Like the majority of us sane folk weren't yelling and screaming about this back in 2002? DOUCHEBAGS. But NooOOOoooo, you chickenhawks wanted to go to war and get some damn oil.
I swear, all those right winger nutjobs should be thrown in Gitmo to have a taste of their own medicine.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Holy fuck

Heath Ledger is dead.
Jesus. One more young (and talented) actor dead...from an apparent drug overdose.
Goddamn, if you're gonna go kick off, WHY must it be the cliche drug overdose? Can't anyone die in a freak "got hit by a bus" way instead of stupid self-destructive behavior?!

Thank you, Moron!

I appreciate idiots like this taking themselves out of the teaching job pool. I can only hope he didn't go to MY school. I can't believe people continue to be SO STUPID.

Police: Joliet High School Teacher Solicited Student for Sex

A man employed last semester as a student teacher at Joliet West High School has been arrested on suspicion of sending pornography and attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with a local student.

Doug A. Schreiber, 22, of the 1700 block of Glenwood Avenue in Joliet, was arrested Friday evening on a charge of indecent solicitation of a minor, a Class 2 felony.

Joliet police said Schreiber worked as a math instructor at Joliet West during the fall semester and now is employed as a math teacher at Rich East High School in Park Forest.

"On Thursday, we were contacted by a 15-year-old and her parents in reference to material she'd been sent by a former teacher," Chief Fred Hayes said.

Hayes said the Joliet West student said Schreiber sent her instant messages and pornographic images on her computer and text messages on her cell phone.

"It appears he was contacting her trying to arrange a sexual rendezvous," he said.

Police took four laptop computers from Schreiber's home when they searched it Friday. Schreiber was booked into the Will County Jail and released Saturday on a $5,000 bond. On Monday, the computers were scanned by forensic investigators.

"We strongly feel there are other possible victims," Hayes said. "The offender had a MySpace account he was using to exchange messages in attempts to lure potential victims. After adding someone as a 'friend' on the Web site, he provided them with an e-mail address and cell phone number for communication."

Rich East and Joliet West high schools were closed Monday, but police planned to interview staff on Tuesday.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective John Ross at (815) 724-3045.

Monday, January 21, 2008

the last mountain

Bless Ed Hillary. What a great man, more for his amazing ability to remain humble and grounded and work to improve the lives of people he held dear in Nepal.

The Anti-VDay Candy Crusade!

Because that day of pain and stupidity is rapidly approaching, I give you the following EXCELLENT LINKS!
Cryptogram (no actual merchandise, but make your own pics in "Goth" mode and save, or use frilly colors with evil messages.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Oy, Sally Sparrow is in Northanger Abbey tonight! I thought that chick looked familiar...she plays Isabella Thorpe, the airhead.

Ugh, though, the guy that plays Isabella's brother looks like such a chump. He looks like one of the pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm sure I've seen that actor elsewhere. NO! He's been in Robin Hood on BBC...a-ha! Played ROY.


Well, it's about fucking time, idiot Packers! I was starting to worry that 12 year old Eli and his team of man-whores was going to beat you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Only Obstacles are the Ones You Put There

As I mentioned a day or so ago, I did sign up on a whim for a dating site. The whole "this is the year I get a damn date" thing, I suppose. I can't really use the whole excuse of being too busy. I graduated, after all. For the last year and a half, at least, I've been content to not want a thing to do with humans of the male persuasion.

My friend Kathy, the one that does the metaphysical stuff, has often told me that whatever you want is possible, but you have to believe. Don't sabotage yourself by thinking or acting negatively. Energy attracts like energy. You don't have to be into metaphysical stuff to realize that. How many of us have been around people who are consistently negative - emotional vampires if you will - and just how taxing that is? Likewise, there are those people who light up a room and you're happy to be around. I've had to cut some people who were consistently boo-hoo birds who refused to help themselves, because WHY do I need that energy? And  you also have to think about what benefit you get from hanging on to the bad stuff. You may not think of it as a "benefit", but maybe it's the sympathy you get from others by having a pity party.

I'm starting to seriously think about this in regards to my dating situation. To be honest, I've had benefits from not dating and harping on it. I can make it to be a funny thing, sure, but I also rip on guys a lot. I'm only two or three days into this dating site and I'm already feeling HIGHLY ambivalent about it.

I've been thinking in my mind about the pros and cons of dating. What is there to make this whole dating thing worthwhile? Seriously? That rare glimmer of hope of luuuurve? Sex? An occasional sweaty grope where the guy gets off, but I don't?

I'm single. I don't have to compromise. I can do what the hell I want when I want. Say what I want. Not have to worry about hurting someone's feelings. Better yet, not have to worry about my own getting hurt because of some lying, unfaithful git.  No weakness.  No bad sex.  No potentially life threatening diseases due to icky genitals. No lies. No awkardness, fumbling around for the right thing to say or do. No wondering, lying awake at night. No longing. No holding back on saying "I love you" because you know the minute you do that the other shoe will drop and he'll be off. I see so many people in shitty relationships and unhappy, yet afraid of being on their own, so they settle for being miserable with someone instead of possibly being happy alone.

And what are the benefits of dating? Does the benefit outweigh the risk? I just can't think of anything that will balance out all the negatives I just listed. I mean...WHY? Why should I? I've gotten so complacent, so...happy in my present state, that I seriously wonder why should I change it?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I admit it...

I'm conducting a "social experiment". A co-worker was talking today about a dating site one of her relatives used and the name just cracked me up: (as in "plenty of fish in the sea"). Completely free. Bonus.

I decided what the hell and did a profile.

I have talked to a couple normal people, but I'm a little perturbed by the number of skeevey 40-something men who have contacted me. AND, for god's sake, a freaking 53 y.o whose profile is for "intimate encounters" (aka slambamthankyouma'm). I'm sorry, BUT GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU SKEEZEY WEIRDO OLD DISGUSTING PERVERT! Hello, my profile says "looking for mr. normal" and that I am interested in "dating" (not casually hooking up with some gross-hairy-eared 53 y.o. who probably has too much Viagra and too many venereal diseases. I'm 30, but I feel like I'm 20. Sorry, but I question why older men feel the need to chase after skirts more than 10 years younger than them. I get that nasty "Peterson" vibe (you know, that former Plainfield cop who's most likely killed his last two younger wives). Are you looking to be a Svengali?

My profile also says I would rather have 27-36 y.o., too.

I am already knocking out people who
- obviously don't care about their appearance (thank you Mr. Caveman who a slobby caveman). As Buffy once said to the First Slayer "you really want to think about what image you're sending"
- can't spell worth shit, use excessive netspeak, or use proper English (for obvious reasons)
- guys who have pictures in their profiles featuring themselves...and some other chick. UH, HELLO?

My co-workers and I were laughing it up looking over some of these guys today. We'd click and go "NOOOOOO!" and exit on the bad ones.

Gut Flora

I had fun reading about gut flora on wikipedia. Then I went off on tangents about the swallowing process and vomiting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Putzed around and found a teaser trailer for "The Dark Knight". Shut it, bitches, you know Christian Bale is To say the very least.
There is apparently a "Harvey Dent" campaign website. Hm. Just a front page though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interview #2 (Substitute Teaching)

Holy fucking prep schools, Batman!
It was like walking into the school from Dead Poets Society.
All hail the Chicago North Shore, apparently...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jane Austen: Persuasion

This is really good so far. I am quite impressed with this new version of it!

But damn, they've managed to make the girls' hair styles so severe. The hair is so yanked back, their ears stick out.

Wasn't as impressed with the preview of Sense and Sensibility that I saw. I don't know that much can top the version put out with Winslet and Thompson.

Quite possibly, my favorite scene in MAAN

from the Much Ado About Nothing ...

the dancing pool-side scene, Bea and Ben's running commentary on Hero and Claude.

Ben: Are you enjoying yourself?
Haven't had this much fun since Children in Need

Bea: Stick it out to the bitter end.
Ben: Touching, isn't it?
Bea: A marriage of true minds
Ben: That misty faraway look in their eyes...
Bea: Like conjunctivitis.
[Ben laughs]
Bea [pretending to be Hero]: Oh Claude...
Ben [pretending to be Claude]: Oh Hero...
Bea: Say to me those three little words...
Ben: Me...Love...You
Bea: Blah blah blah...
Ben: Blah blah blah blah blah. [sighs, observes Claude and Hero smooching it up] Oh god, here we go...
Bea: Well, at least when they're kissing, they're not talking.
Ben: Oh, they're trying though!
Bea: I can't think of anything worse than to have someone say they love me.
Ben: Me, too.
Bea: Well, that's something we've got in common then.
Ben: Not much, is it?
Bea: No, not much.
[Claude kneels and proposes to Hero, Ben and Bea look on, incredulous]
Ben: Oh, Claude, is this what I think it is?
Bea: Here we go...


Oooooh yes. I just clicked on the brief preview for tonight's "Persuasion". Oh hell yes. They got a hottie to play Captain Wentworth. GOOD dialogue from what little I saw, too.

Too bad they didn't show any of ASH playing the idiot father...!! Hee!


ARRRRGH! Billie Piper is playing Fannie in Mansfield Park on January 27th. HAHAHAHHA

Friday, January 11, 2008

One hour

Only one more hour until I can reasonably leave the office for the week. *bangs head on desk*
This headache I have, too...ugh. I wish there were someone waiting for me at home, to make me a nice coldpak and massage the sides of my face.




There is nothing to do at work.
There HAS been nothing to do at work.
So much for the supposed "deadly busy" we were going to have.
Oh my god. How many hours until lunch?
How long until I can get the fuck out of here?
I could do teaching applications, but right now my brain is too tired. I was up too late absolutely pitching a fit over that Shakespeare Retold thing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bloody hell!

And that's Billie Piper (probably as Hero) in Much Ado About Nothing as well!!!!! Double score!!

Brit Boys

I just got "Shakespeare Retold: Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth" from netflix. Much Ado has Damian Lewis in it.

I think I might either laugh myself to death or ... squee to death.

Dear God.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A million bountiful THANKS

*sweeps arms up and bows down*


I love the "LSD" reference. If you're not a Chicagoan, you're probably thinking "LS-WHAA?"

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I must be fucking out of my mind

But I am seriously considering giving the corporate job the heave ho if they don't let me do the part-time thing so I can teach fourth quarter.


Seriously, though, that teaching gig is MINE FOR THE ASKING. They are just waiting for me to come back about what my office job is going to say. Goddamnit. I have a meeting with my supervisor at work tomorrow morning. I bet I'll find out one way or the other then.

I've already been sending out feelers elsewhere. I called the place I used to do temp work with and re-opened my file and emailed them a more current resume. One of my current co-workers is going to ask her mom (a head of HR/recruitment for Marriott's north shore properties) if she can be on the lookout for something for me. I have an application for Starbucks - don't knock it. I'm counting on them to live up to their 100 best places to work for schmaltz what with the benefits even for part-timers.

I've done some more thinking. I can push back everything, up to and including, my wish to find an apartment by August. Let's face it, I'm probably not going to know WHERE the fuck I'm going to have a full-time teaching job until late. I'm not going to stress myself out and try to do a move AND start my first full year of teaching at the exact same fucking time. *sigh* While it pains me mentally, I can shove this back.

The only real sticking point is the possible loss of health care coverage if I do have to leave my company. I'll just have to fucking deal with it. I need the goddamn experience on my resume. To have this school on my resume will carry some considerable cache - - it's fucking stupid not to realize that.

I will make this work if I need to and want to bad enough. Why? Because that's the way I am. I didn't get that "strength" tattoo on my thigh for nothing folks...I'm chock full o' will power.

I'm setting up all my yearly check-ups as well, to get those done before my health care coverage goes in case I do jump ship.

If I really am up shit creek, I will ask my dad for the bail out money for my SRP Loan at work. I'm going to call up the investment company and ask about the process for what happens to my money once I do leave the company. Is it a cheque? Does it roll over to some other thing (I have a Roth IRA I could roll it to)? I'm fairly certain it can't stay where it is once I'm no longer employed at the company, but I could be wrong. Fucking plan did squat in the last quarter. It was painful to see the stock market.

Oh and FUCK. I do still need to get my resume out to Kilroy! *adds another thing to to-do list*

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Ah, the nights when I have to pop two advil in order to sleep because my uterus and ovaries are in rebellion. Add to that the joy of it being one of those days when "Super Plus" absorbancy is still not enough.
I had been contemplating how nice it is not to feel so damned rushed anymore. No school. No lesson plans to write. No classes to attend (although I had been signed up to take a linguistics course until the car fiasco).
I'll more than likely get bored it presently...
*moan* Right. Where is that advil?

Inauspicious (?)

As I mentioned a couple days ago, the office supervisor is not looking too receptive to my possible going part-time, were I to be offered this part-time teaching position at the richie-rich school district.

Obviously, I think she's being a retard, but that's beside the point. I'm not overly angry or even, really, disturbed by it. What will be, will be. I'm going to be out of there eventually, whether it's three weeks from now or come August.

It goes without saying that getting that job at the school would be fantastic and great to put on my resume. I've got more than one person telling me the hell with the office and take it if I've been offered it, but financially, my hands are tied up.

I just can't see how I can afford to take the school job (which would pay out somewhere around $13,500) as it is only part-time and would be done by June. What do I do after June? Get a temp job at crap pay and no benefits until I - HOPEFULLY - secure full time employment again in August? I don't even know if I would be eligible for benefits at the school as a PTer. Add in to the mix that I took out a small loan from my SRP fund at work and if I leave prior to its being paid off via the weekly deduction from my pay check, then I have to pay in one lump sum immediately upon termination of my employment. That's around $800 at this point. After the $1500 fiasco with my car, I just can't afford that.

And regardless of what anyone else thinks about this, I got some pretty significant SLOW DOWN! signs from a tarot spread I just did. Shit, I had all these reversed cards that were just saying one thing over and over - this is NOT the time to leap off into the financial unknown and I need to wait for a better opportunity.

If I weren't so financially run down from the whole student teaching period...c'est la vie. It sucks, but I think I'll live. Besides which, I really REALLY REALLY want to get an apartment by August. There's no way in hell I can do that if I can't get the equivalent of a full-time paycheck between school and work. I just can't. I think I'm going to have to be cautious at this time.

I'll look at the interview tomorrow as a learning experience, and maybe see if they need summer help or if there's some other way I can get involved. Tutoring?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

WGA Strike

I will admit that I know next to nothing about all the the terms the WGA is striking for, but you know what? Those writers are entitled to receive money from THEIR WORK. Uh, HELLO? Their creativity, their thoughts, their writing, their ideas...someone is making money hand over fist with dvds and digital downloads, and it isn't them.

Jesus Christ, AMPTP, get your heads out of your collective asses and pony up the fucking money.

I want new television shows...chiefly "Life". Why? Because I lust after Damian Lewis and his crazy zen fruit-eating Charlie Crews. Until then, I shall have to watch the Forsyte Saga and loathe/pity Lewis' Soames Forsyte. Dude, he sounds like Rufus Sewell in his native accent. Mmmmm. British. Bangers n mash.

Oh, and Sully, I know about the return of Rose possibly being a bad move. Yes, she did go out perfectly. I suppose this goes along the lines of a Joss Whedon belief: sometimes you don't give the fans what they want, but what they need. Oh well, we shall see.

Hey, is there someplace one can make donations to the striking writers?

Friday, January 04, 2008


General Daily Horoscope for everyone
As the Moon enters philosophical Sagittarius at 9:13 am EST, we have an opportunity to consider our long-term goals. We are still in a powerful phase, although interpersonal issues may settle down for a bit as the Moon moves toward a conjunction with sweet Venus this evening. Mars remains retrograde until the end of the month, but even if we continue to feel sluggish, it's time to push forward. A little positive attitude now goes a long way.


"Female and religious" voters propelled Huckabee. Hey, you morons, have we NOT figured out yet that religion and politics don't mix? After EIGHT years of the current fuckwads, you still don't get this? Republican polits aren't religious, they're more in it for the power.
You lose, everyone loses, when you think you can mix religion and politics.

Really Stupid

I just talked to my supervisor at work about having an interview for that school district, and the possibility of working here part-time in the event I get offered anything. She said she would bring it up to her boss (our department head), but she was fairly certain the answer would be that I would have to make a choice. In other words: quit here or not take the teaching job.
You know, I would love to be able to quit here, but I can't afford it if all the teaching thing is right now is long-term sub for this semester only.
Her reasoning was that we're going to get really busy here (supposedly) and we'll need everyone here flipping over documents quick as can be.
-- We're dead here, nothing is going on yet
-- You're going to let ME go - someone with experience - and waste time and resources looking for a replacement who will not have any experience and need to be trained, therefore taking up the time of my co-workers to train them?
Maybe I'm a little biased in wanting to have a half of two different cakes here, but that just strikes me as foolish. You're going to be wasting MORE time by giving me this ultimatum rather than taking advantage of my physically being here 8-12 or whatever.
Of course, this could all be a moot point if I don't get offered the job anyway.
But still.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm bored.

New day thaaaaaank goodness

I never want to relive a day like yesterday. Period. End.
Of course, my car is going to have another expensive repair soon when I have to redo the back brakes. Note to self: start saving money for that NOW.
Goals (not resolutions) for This Year
  1. Move the hell out if I can. Preferably around May, but definitely no later than August. I need, for my own mental health at this point, to get back out on my own and away from my family. I need to work like crazy to get the cash to do it (seeing as how all the "extra" money I had just got wiped out by the damn car). I would love to live in Evanston, I think.
  2. Find a good school job - preferably somewhere that would be a nice short commute if I live in Evanston..!
  3. Get a better iPod. Seeing as how people are still gabbing on the phones like jackdaws on their personal phone calls at work!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I hope this is good

Because I need good news.
I just got a call on my cell phone from the Uber Rich North Shore School District (TM). I've got an interview next Monday for the long-term substitute position.
Keep your fingers crossed, people. I could really use some good news after the bullshit I've had the past 1.5 days of 2008.

Just when you think

you're getting ahead - NO.
Today was the last straw for my car's driver's side latch mechanism. Sidestepping the whole argument I got into with my brother this morning, the piece of crap is at the Ford dealership getting fixed. Along with the windshield wiper fluid hose. AND new tires.
What is the price? Just over a grand.
Just what I wanted to spend my Christmas money on. Yes. So much for the nascent idea I had about purchasing a new Mac laptop.
I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I'm fucking sick of the holiday hoopla followed by the post-holiday blah. I am completely boycotting Christmas next year. Seriously. If I can, I'm leaving the fucking country.
I hate this weather. I hate everything today.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Freaking New Year

My ears are still ringing.
No, not from noise makers. From the stupid fucking fire alarms. I've been up for about an hour already because the alarms just started blaring off in the house I'm watching.
I'm glad I slept with clothes on (wife beater and shorts). I shot out of bed and went running through the house, but there was NOTHING. No smoke, no scent, no flames....nada! Just the alarms...BLARING. LOUDLY.
I tried resetting them...tried pulling them. Couldn't figure out how to do that. Called the owners up in Texas at just before 6am.
Finally wound up calling non-emergency fire. "What's the address?" "OH, I don't know...! 1050...I'm RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOUR VISITOR'S ENTRANCE." (Which is true.)"
Two dudes - neither of them hot, where the fuck are the hot firemen? - show up. I open the door with a non-jovial "Happy New Year". "Not really," one of them says. "Yeah, that's what I thought," I said.
So the two guys start checking the alarms, the furnace, etc., etc., and arguing about the fire alarm models and how they work. I decide to sit with the dog, who's been remarkable sedate throughout the whole thing, just chilling on the couch. That dog would be useless in a real emergency. Maybe not. He licks everything, maybe he could lick a fire out. Who knows.
Long-short of it: electric thing must be fucked up in the alarm circuitry. Get an electrician. Yeah, I'll be right on that. Called the owners back and told them that.
Jesus. Now I am exhausted again. I was wired, obviously, while the alarms and omgamigonnagetblowedupwtfisgoingon?! feeling was upon me. I almost started crying on the phone because I felt like a complete nincompoop.
I can still hear the alarms in my ears. *moans* Goddamn.

Happy New Year

May it be healthy and happy. (Well, it's gotta be happier considering this is the year DUMBYA is finally out of the office he was never truly elected to!!!)