Monday, April 30, 2007

Update on Pretty Bird Woman House (Women's Shelter in Need)

Pretty Bird Woman House is still receiving funds, but could definitely use MORE. Have hit the halfway mark of the goal. To recap, Pretty Bird Woman House is a domestic violence shelter on a Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. It serves a horribly underfunded area and is in need of assistance or it WILL CLOSE.

To read more about the start of this, go to diary at Daily Kos.

If you can't donate now, what about volunteering your time? Can you do grant writing? Offer website services for the shelter? Donations are great, but they need help becoming more self-sufficient as well. Or even - - post a link to these diaries and put a Chip In counter on your blog and spread the word. You can make your own Chip In counter by clicking on the one in this blog.

And guess what - funds have already helped save one woman. Without the donations, the shelter would not have been able to help this newest person: I just got off the phone with Georgia Little Shield, Director and Advocate at the Pretty Bird Woman House. Over the weekend, the shelter received a call from a woman who needed to be evacuated. If this had happened on Thursday, the shelter would not have been able to do much more than take the call. But because of your efforts, Georgia was able to tell this woman: "Don't worry about the money--we have money coming. Just get out and come in."

You did this. You made this possible.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello, Ireland

Someone from Drumcondra Ireland visited my blog today!

I loves me some Ireland.

So, if you come back again, say hi.

I am proceeding to get shitfaced on margaritas of my own making. I really need to get a measure for the alcohol because I obviously did not know what I was doing. Wooooooboy.

I was also v. v. bad today and pissed in the face of the universe (but I really didn't mean to and apologize profusely dear universe). I turned down the guy asking me out. (Sully, he called me already today. I was surprised to hear from him so soon.) Honestly, right now between work, school and my mom's impending surgery, I just don't have the time. That, and I just do not feel that we are simpatico. He seems like a nice enough guy and all, but it's just not there, y'know? I don't want to lead him and I suck shit at casual dating.

Best to just politely bow out this dance.

I should really finish up this damn English paper. I think the margarita has inspired me.

P.S. Look at what my horoscope said for today. What a fucking crock of shit:

The Moon is in socially adept Libra, but we are driven to step beyond the rules of etiquette today, as erratic Uranus still feels the heat from last night's conjunction with feisty Mars. Disruptive events are problematic, especially if we fear change. On the other hand, spontaneity is exciting when we are up for something new. But impatience turns into frustration as hot Mars quincunxes cold Saturn later in the evening leaving us somewhat unsatisfied.

I think we have firmly established that I am not socially adept lately.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

i'm socially inept

more like social retard.

oh holy friggin mary. I just got asked out on a date. actually, the phraseology was "would you like to hang out some time?" but same diff.

my face is SO fucking red right now and I am just . . . *spazzzzzing*


I'm friggin 29 years old and I have all the social grace of a fucking 12 year old in her first training bra.

*thumps head down on table and proceeds to laugh hysterically*


In which case, I should really put on some semblance of cool. Yah.

That's me. Ms Cool as a Fucking Cucumber.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pretty Bird Woman House (Shelter)

Daily Kos: Please Help Save Pretty Bird Woman House

I saw the above on Daily Kos. Here's hoping for more!

The short: Amnesty International (and NPR radio) highlighted some truly appalling domestic violence situations in American Reservations. Pretty Bird Woman House is in the Sioux South Dakota reservation and serves a vast desolate area. These women are horribly underserved and this shelter literally provides them their only resource for help(read the backlinked information to get the full story on how bad the situation is).

Astoundingly: most of the attacks on women are from OUTSIDERS (non-Sioux). These outsiders figure they can rape with impunity because the area is so underserved (and for the most part, that has been the case).

The shelter is in desperate need of funds to stay open. If you can chip in, go to the Donation page. They've raised nearly $5K in one day!

Pass it on...

Oh, my beloved SIfl and Olly! CRESCENT FRESH AND CHESTER!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Go to the Carnival!

Visit the Gonzo Carnival! Many fun entries, many interesting folk!

Pollack creations

I was tagged by Kilroy to do this, so here is a Pollack creation from moi that I have titled "Boquet" (or should it be "Bouquet"?) . If I've tagged you, you need to go and create one yourself.

The rules are here at Kilroy's.

Create your own Pollack masterpiece.
Good stress relief from work.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I hope I know five others on blogger to do this! Lippy! Tickersoid ??
Will add more after work!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Pride and Prejudice has got to be the Jane Austen book with the most number of "sequels" or additions written to it by modern authors. Not all of them, obviously, are good. Shamefully, I do own a couple bad ones, but I didn't know they were bad when I bought them.

HOWEVER, a really excellent trilogy dealing with (Mister) Darcy (!) (those of you who have seen the A&E production, say it with the correct tone of voice!) was written by Pamela Aidan. She fleshes out a few characters (such as Anne DeBourgh, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana Darcy), and adds in new ones (Darcy's man Fletcher is just hysterical and Lord Dyved Brougham is awesome).

I swear to god, though, if Colonel Fitzwilliam were a real man, I'd be all over him. MMMMMMMMMMM, good.

By the by, I absolutely REFUSE to watch that ridiculous remake of P&P starring Kiera Knightley. I'm sorry...but, NO. That is not P&P any more than Demi Moore's tarting up of the great Scarlet Letter was based on an actual book.

Tell me if it's crap

I submitted the following for a scholarship at

What is the future of the printed book?

Without a doubt, our world has gone increasingly
hi-tech and virtual. Music and even books are
available for download. What will happen to the poor
printed page? While preparing to write my entry, I
looked at my crammed bookshelf. Pick one item? I could
pick a dozen! My eyes did light on my battered copy of
Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. This book has followed
me through high school and undergraduate studies. I
must have been required to read it for at least four
different classes, but I still don't tire of it. It is
still one of my favorite books to pick up and read on
a lazy day.

That's just it: pick up and read. And sniff and smell.
I think the printed book is safe because, deep inside,
as humans, we love the tangible. You can't really curl
up with a computer; besides, what happens if the power
goes out? A real book is something to be on intimate
terms with: the cradling of the volume in your hands,
the scent of old yellowed pages, the sight of
dog-eared pages leading to your favorite passages, the
soft rasp as a page is turned. Even the occasional
stain from a coffee cup placed too closely to the book
is something to be remembered. A digital text,
obviously, lacks these humble yet endearing marks of

I couldn't stand to read my favorite Jane Eyre online.
It would lack all the intimacy and sensory input that
the actual physical book has. Books are treasures not
just for what they contain, but also for the feelings
they evoke in all our senses. I've visted ancient
European academic libraries and just been awash with
the sights, smells and hushed silence of a hall filled
with thousands of beloved dusty volumes. The written
and printed word delights our human senses. Whether
reading for pleasure or knowledge, the printed book is
tangible evidence of our thoughts, dreams and ideas –
something an e-text can never replace.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


So either today or yesterday was earth day. Yay for earth! Yay for weather that is FINALLY warm. We were in the 70s both days this weekend.

Yesterday my mom and I went to Bob Chinn's Crab House in Wheeling, IL, for dinner. Mmmm!

My mom's knee is still screwed up and we don't know why. She had to lean on me to get into the restaurant (it wasn't worth bringing in the crutch to that restaurant because it's way too crowded). I just wish whatever is causing the problem would go away. Tomorrow, I have to take her to the doctor for a follow-up.

Today, I went for my first long outdoor-bike ride of the season. Cycling all those miles in the gym must have paid off. My butt (and other delicate regions), doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would have. I know I did over 20 miles. Went almost to Deerfield. Turning around and going back sucks. You're tired, thirsty (even though you keep drinking water like crazy), dirty and oh my god HOW MANY MILES is it back home?

I think I got burned, too, on my legs. My legs felt uncomfortably warm and tingly in my jeans this evening.

No matter! Must continue! Have to be able to bike that 50 mile Miller Lite Ride for the Arts in Milwaukee this June!

I totally fucked around this weekend. Didn't write two papers that I should have. Didn't apply for scholarships that I really should have. Lord.

And yes, Gonzo, I will try to whip up a resume, but it probably won't be until the semester ends in a couple weeks. Thank you so much for the interest!

In other news:

I've noticed this past week (after Monday), that my yoga instructor's (Wendy) messages/meditations during class seemed to be awfully focused on peace and understanding others. I don't think it's a stretch to think that this might be in regards to what happened at Virginia Tech. As those students go back to school tomorrow, I know I'll be thinking of them and wishing them well from afar.

I hope I can take some of Wendy's words and put them into practice by being kinder to others. I know I can bitch with the best(worst) of them, but I need to watch that.

Stuff like this does make me wonder what I could possibly face as a teacher. I hope I never have to experience something like this. I hope I have the compassion/strength/whatever to help all my students, especially those who need it most.

May we all.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Uh, I did just reject a comment but not because of the content. I wish there had been a way for me to leave a remark.

I don't particularly want "Anonymous" comments - please put your initials, a handle or something.

You are entitled to your Reggie Bush comments. (Crawfish? Please.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stop perpetuating violence

I'm sorry, but I don't see how recent events couldn't be more of a call for stronger gun laws in this country. The argument that "well, if we all had guns, we'd be safer" doesn't wash. Violence begets violence. Having a gun is an invitation to danger. I wouldn't want a gun; I know how cranky I can get! All it takes is one irrational moment - or a crazed person who has slipped through the cracks - and mayhem can erupt.

Why are military assault style weapons on the streets? Why are armor piercing rounds? Why are high volume ammo rounds allowed? Why not stronger checks? Why are we viewed with such derision by the rest of the world for our gun laws?

The NRA buys off elected officials, that's why. Why should the rest of us be held hostage? For the NRA and others in their pay to say "we shouldn't make the recent tragedy a political issue" is both sophistical and false. They have already long since made it a political issue with their "pay to play" policies.

Stop the NRA has a quick form you can fill out which will automatically send an email to your elected officials demanding better gun laws.

Join the Brady Campaign.


Gunman in massacre contacted NBC News - Massacre at Virginia Tech -

That SHIT. Absolute shit. Seriously, I hope he is burning in hell. He spent TWO HOURS in between events recording shit and sending it to the media?!?!

Hold Tight

: "Clearly anxious parents can be seen walking hand in hand with their children, probably the first time in ages that the kids have been willing to be seen holding hands with their moms in public. "

God. That just hurts to read that.

Outside looking in

BBC NEWS | Americas | Washington diary: Virginia shootings: "Despite this week's bloodbath there will be no overwhelming demand for gun control in this country. Like evangelical Christianity, baseball and a love of Pumpkin Pie it is just one of those things that separates Europeans from Americans."

This is what sickens me: how we're viewed in the world.

Number one - I'm no stupid evangelical Christian, pumpkin pie is OK, and I sure as hell think our gun-laws are laughable.

But what can you do when the NRA pays off politicians?

Monday, April 16, 2007


The hardest thing about violence like the type that
happened at Virginia Tech today, is that it is just so
damn...senseless. That's what makes me so angry and
feel so helpless (and others, too, I'm sure).

There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, in this world
that is an acceptable excuse for just MASS MURDERING
innocent people. So much of life is trivial. You lost
your girlfriend or your boyfriend? Boohoo. You'll get
a new one in time. Lost your job? Big deal. Most
people hate their jobs anyway. I just don't get it.

I hope that shooter is suffering in hell this very
minute. There is no reason for his actions.

I'm also sick of the press conferences where the
reporters are trying to rip the cops a new one. Yes, I
think it's stupid that the administration didn't get
their information out earlier (and I'm sure they'll
pay for it), but they did what they thought was right
at the time. What sane person actually thinks
something like this is going to happen? You can take
every reasonable precaution, but at the end of the
day, you can't plan for a CRAZY person.

And I'm sick of reading all these comments on news
forums saying "Well, if everyone had a gun to protect
themselves..." You know what? B.S. Violence begets
violence. Carrying guns is an invitation to violence.
Not to mention: carrying any weapon most campuses
(including V Tech) is ILLEGAL. I can't think of
another country in the world that has as many violent
deaths by firearm as the U.S. Why? Because of our
stupid gun laws. People, I don't think our
constitutional right to bear arms was meant so that we
could have semi-automatics and armour-piercing rounds
on the street. You certainly don't need one to shoot
deer unless you like the taste of lead in your
venison. No, the right was meant in times of war or
occupation. That was the context.

God, those poor students and families at V-Tech.

And no one answer the question: Why?

It hurts.

Whatever you believe in: God or just the hope of
goodness: I think this sums it up better than I could.

Marc Gellman (Columnist at Newsweek)

VA Tech

22 Killed In Virginia Tech Massacre, Suspected Shooter Dead After Several Rampages On Campus; At Least 20 Others Injured - CBS News

jesus. front page like EVERYwhere.

what the hell is WRONG with people that they go off like this? You're that upset? Kill your damn self, NOT other people.

< sarcasm > Yay, for gun-toting America. We don't need more gun laws. No, really. We're just fine here with our body bags. < /sarcasm >

Sunday, April 15, 2007


In a word: sucks!

Mental note to self: I really need to check my health care statements as they come in. I flipped out because I noticed that one of my claims was REFUSED. It said my benefits were canceled. I was like WTF?

A few more statements later, it was corrected. Thank Christ. That was a couple hundred I was not about to pay.

Teaching in England (or anywhere European for that matter)

I have found it: The American School in England. I found a couple others (one in Barcelona!), but without fail, all of them want a minimum of 3 years teaching experience PLUS experience teaching in an international setting.

WTF? How do you GET experience if no one will take you because you don't have it? JESUS.

Plus - three years?! I'm going to be a doddering 34 by the time anyone will look at my resume.


Mum, any words of advice?


Why do I keep watching the Travel Channel? It's masochistic. Today, Samantha Brown was in Bolognia, Italy. God, it looked gorgeous.

I must...MUST...figure out some way of teaching in Europe. It can be done. It has to be done. I need to look for American schools (near embassies?) perhaps? Maybe I should start looking and then ask to speak to someone about what I can do to make myself marketable.

I want to live in Europe.

I've been trying to think of the next time I can seriously take a trip, and I just don't know when. I want to take a Contiki tour and hit Prague. They look like they have a good one. I can't do that until AFTER student teaching though.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I got a little toasted last night.

Went to Chili's after work with former co-worker and
her friends. Denver the bartender (bad flirt, not
interested!) made some seriously strong presidente
margaritas. Ho-lee fuck.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lawyer: Rove didn't mean to delete email - Yahoo! News

Lawyer: Rove didn't mean to delete email - Yahoo! News

Right. And shit doesn't smell. Rove doesn't do anything that ISN'T deliberate.


I'm trying to think of what to write for Kilroy's Blogging Carnival. I'm coming up with a blank!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rare Protests at Brigham Young Over a Planned Cheney Appearance

Dude, when even the Mormons in Utah and BYU are protesting your ass...

Rare Protests at Brigham Young Over a Planned Cheney Appearance

The Blog | Jon Landau: Imus' Words: Recognizing Real Racism | The Huffington Post

The Blog | Jon Landau: Imus' Words: Recognizing Real Racism | The Huffington Post

AllDay : Roker says Time for Imus to Go

AllDay : Roker says Time for Imus to Go

Go Al! Go Al! Go Al!

I emailed both P&G and Staples yesterday to say "thanks" for pulling their ads from Imus.


Of the past two weeks and especially today for weather!
There were at least three inches of snow covering my car this morning. It fucking SUCKS outside.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TV n stuff

I am watching Deadliest Catch on Discovery. God, how awful. They picked up from the previous show where a boat had capsized. They rescued one man, but three others didn't make it. They hauled up two bodies from the water. (The fourth remained unfound.) The poor guy they did rescue - he covered his face when they brought up his crew members.

God. God. God. Watching the coast guard, man, that was something. It's the friggin Bering Strait - it is obviously beyond cold in that water. Everyone else is trying to get OUT of the water, and god bless the coast guard, they are jumping in trying to save these guys. That takes a special breed of crazy service to your fellow man.

And now the new (woman) cook on one of the ships has seasickness and is yacking in the toilet. Which is remarkably like what I was just doing. SOMETHING I just ate wanted out in a damn hurry (in the conventional method). I thought I was going to burn a new hole in my ass. Jesus.

P.S. Imus is still a douchebag.

Monday, April 09, 2007

laundry list

1. Imus Idiot: Why is it that (seemingly) so many ugly white men get to be radio jocks/talk show hosts? I just heard about this during the day. One of my co-workers, R, is black (and originally from New Orleans; she moved because of Katrina) and oh THAT was a fun discussion. When she told me what Imus had said on air I was like "WTF?!" You, as an ugly-ass frail little white man (emphasis on the ugly, he looks like a wanna be muppet), DO NOT go on air and refer to someone as a "nappy headed ho". You are asking to get the shit beat out of you, and deservedly so. I mean, WTF was he thinking or was he even thinking at all. "A joke gone too far"? Whatever. Dude, Sharpton and Jackson are right. It shouldn't even be a question: Imus should've been shitcanned immediately. There is just no excuse for that type of behavior. You could have called the Rutgers girls manly or something, fine, but don't go saying something beyond stupid like that.

2. I walked to the drugstore after coming home to get something for my mom. I walked past my old high school as a track meet was going on. I wanted to die. Call me crazy, but I MISS high school (probably part of the reason why I want to be a high school teacher AND track coach) and I especially miss track. I had a bird's eye view of the discus "competition". *snort* Dude, SOMEONE needs to coach those girls, because they throw like shit. Man alive, I could have walked 60 feet out and said "go ahead, you ain't gonna hit me!" They were throwing it out of side-bounds half the time! Someone needs to tell them that you need to throw from the hip NOT the arm. Where the hell do YOU think you have more power? Weeny arm or mighty hip? Hip. I SO need to coach track when I become a teacher.

3. Speaking of activity, I got up early today and went to the gym before work. I had to after eating like such crap yesterday! I felt better afterwards. Now I'm really tired. I'm going to try and go to bed early.

4. Idiot from last week: Taz in African History. And a long overdue post about an undergrad idiot that likes to hear herself talk in my African History class. Or maybe not. Jesus, I just can't even work up the energy to discuss how much of a moron she is and how she doesn't think there's still de facto segregation in Chicago. *rolls eyes*

Sunday, April 08, 2007

typing and music

my fingers fairly dance over the keyboard whilst listening to Ashley MacIsaac on my iShuffle (Hills of Glenorchy).

Dear god, I want to go to Europe so badly right now. I could die of wanting.



That Jackson Pollack link is evil. And now I must share it for all of us who are bored silly at work!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And I call this one "red lace thong"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saturday, April 07, 2007


After coming out of my one-glass-of-wine fuzz, I went
to the gym.

Managed to do a consistent 2:48 split on mile times up
until the 10th mile. I think I hit 10.8 miles at 30
minutes. Wound up with 21.79 miles over the hour.

Sweaty and gross. Seriously, my shirt was soaked. And
it's COLD out.


I have to say, ever since I got back on the Atkins
(week of St. Patty's) and started biking like a maniac
at the gym, my ass is starting to look a whole lot

I was just getting ready. I was in the bathroom with a
tank top and my hipsters on and looked at my butt and
thighs. MUCH BETTER. Less jiggle! Jiggle is for
Jell-O, not one's tush and thighs. Now if my stomach
would just go down correspondingly. I can get back in
my Express jeans comfortably, which is good.

Still can only hit 21 miles in an hour on the
stationary bike though. Damn it all. Consistency,
good, but I'd like to see IMPROVEMENT.

Anyhow, gotta go.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Candy Bastards!!

Dude, I fucking KNEW it. I KNEW they made the Cadbury
Creme Eggs smaller and I was RIGHT!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I actually wish I had Showtime channel. But ONLY
because they've got that mini-series The Tudors going
on. It could be awesome, or it could be utter crap.
Sets and attire look lavish.

I'm going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD
apparently. Unless...someone has it and can tape
it/dvd it for me??? ANY TAKERS?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Jesus, people. I am SO TIRED. The prospect of six
hours in class tonight, getting yapped at, is not a
happy one.

Monday, April 02, 2007



My neice, Valerie, does competitive cheerleading and
that's the kind of shit she does. Scary. Actually, if
you go to and search "Twisters Elite",
that's the squad she's in (the Junior division). She's
a fucking gumby, she's so flexible. She can do all
sorts of tumbling. I'm taking her to yoga with me as
soon as her season is done.

Reason Eleventy Million why I think religion sucks:

SUE! God, what fucking ASSHOLES.

Reason Eleventy Million + 1 why I think religion sucks
AND my mom is stupid:

My mom fucking donated OVER $2,000 to fucking Catholic
churches this year. For what? So they can bitch about
the above? And fucking hell, I don't think she's got
two grand to spare!! Fucking STUPID. I swear. I am
telling my mom that I am not doing her taxes ever
again, because I want to choke a bitch every time I
see how much money she is wasting on this religious
bullshit. God doesn't need money, okay? They can do

*screams in anger and frustration*

Sunday, April 01, 2007

And a flipido ho!

I swear to god, I almost pee my pants every time I see this. My neice showed it to me tonight. Turn up the volume.