Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Weather tomorrow - when I have AWESOME TICKETS - chance for thunderstorms in the EVENING.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Knitting Antics

I am trying to find information on doing magic loop knitting for free online. (Helpful for knitting socks and mittens because damn if I want to sit and knit one, and then go back and have to do ANOTHER.) I came across this in Knitty and it is COMPLETELY screwing with my brain.
That is hardcore knitting.

I love sports coverage after Cubs Wins

The whole article is pretty much awesome (as is Rich Harden, Canadian's hottest export since...just about ever), but the kicker is the "memorial sticker".... BWHA HA HA HA HA!
Harden again shows why he figures to be a major postseason plus
October getting closer
So in the Cubs' locker room, Harden pondered this. ''Highway to Hell'' blared over the music speakers, Mark DeRosa tried to explain how he has hit home runs in four consecutive games (''It's definitely nice, but I don't know why''), Alfonso Soriano sang to himself in Spanish, Ryan Theriot sat beneath the sticker on his locker that says ''In Loving Memory of Dusty,'' and catcher Geovany Soto praised the slumping Kosuke Fukudome for his pinch-hit home run in the seventh.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cubs Win

What a glorious game.
Aaaaah. Except goddamnit, with Harden going today this means for sure he won't go on Thursday. WAAAAAH!!!
Mark. FOURTH HOMER in as many games. INSANE. The man is out of his fucking mind.
Rich was just on the radio....*meep* I love him.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is up with this?

I am just so EXHAUSTED. All the damn time.
I could barely keep my eyes open. I had to take a nap.

Monday, August 18, 2008


So, I'm sitting here in the LF at a Starbucks telecommuting. Unfortunately, I also get to overhear these two paunchy middle-aged idiot gasbags go on about the state of the Bears, the NFL and how so many are getting overpaid.
Ok, Lovies-in-Training. *rolls eyes* Dude, you think backseat baseball managers are bad, you should hear these gasbags. Oy fucking vey. It's too bad Urlacher doesn't walk in and hear all this, since he lives in this overpriced town.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am sitting in Starbucks doing work. Unfortuantely, this really smart Asian dude is trying to teach/tutor this absolute IDIOT of a dumb blonde. It must be math or physics (a basic level). I heard him talking about equations for force or rotations earlier. I had to stick in my earphones. This woman just does NOT get even the most basic of concepts.
Part of the earlier conversation was "if you have 4 rotations in 2 seconds, how many will you have in one second?" Dude, that isn't even algebra or physics. It's simple fucking division. She just sat there completely blank. DIVIDE IT IN FUCKING HALF MORON!
Plus, she sits there tapping her feet nervously non-stop.
Thank god it is practically a physical impossibility for me to bear blonde-haired children.
To add to the fun: there is this old far in a walker here. He's got a sign on his walker bashing the "do-nothing Democratic congress" and saying to start drilling for oil. FUCK YOU, GO OFF AN DIE YOU GIMPY WANKER. The congress may in fact be do-nothing, but your fucking generation has fucked up EVERYTHING in this country, electing war-mongering fuckup Republicans. OIL IS NOT THE ANSWER. FUCK OIL.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


FUCKING ATLANTA! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Double-header tomorrow - Harden is pitching the second one. This means the rotation is FUCKED! DAMN IT! My tix to the game on the 28th are probably NOT going to be Harden now!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am sick of these fucking McCain ads appearing throughout the Olympic coverage slamming "rockstar" Obama. Fuck you GERIATRIC FUCKUP LIAR!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Holy crap

Bernie Mac is dead, ya'll. He was only FIFTY.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Dude, my boss is the freaking grand-niece of Papa Bear Hallas. This came out during lunch when we were poo-pooing the whole Brett Favre saga. She was like "I fucking hate the Packers" and shakes her head. "Oh really?" "Yes, really."
And then she mentions Hallas.
WOW. Except, she never got anything cool from it, so that was kind of bogus.
I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with this freaking CHATTERBOX in Montreal, trying to teach her how to submit an request in the database I support. I wanted to hit myself in the head with the fucking receiver about five minutes into the conversation. SACRE BLEU, ALONS Y!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Would everyone please STOP creaming their shorts over ZOMG! BRETT FAVRE?
Jesus fucking christ. Just GO AWAY.


Normally, I would be ALL over the Olympics right about now. I love them.
This time?
BLEH. I think it's an absolute TRAVESTY that China was ever allowed to host them. Pollution...human rights abuses...hell, they are blocking/censoring websites and cracking down on international press.
Thanks for selling your souls, IOC.
**oh, I just caught a little teaser for the Cubs sports coverage on ABC7: "Everything is coming up...Roses" meaning DeRosa. AAAAH. He practically skipped down the steps after his curtain call!

31 & :(

Things I should no longer attempt to do:
Hop into one of those trampoline thingies people have in their backyards, and proceed to bounce and do russian jumps for 30 minutes straight.
Because while fun at the time, finding out your knees no longer want to function that night or the next morning is NOT fun. *whimpers*
This pet-sitting is kicking my ass. I can't sleep well. And for the THIRD time (it happened the first time I sat, too), these people's alarm clock goes off at just fuck-off random hours. Last night, like 3am, I wake up to it going off. I hobbled into their bedroom and slapped at the fucking clock until it shut up. Then I fell onto their bed, wrapped in my blanket, and passed out.
Dog woke me up just about 5:30 wanting to go out. Had to hobble downstairs and take care of that. I am so surprised I didn't fall down the stairs. I would shuffle a couple steps, close my eyes/sway, open my eyes/shuffle a couple more steps, repeat process. Let the dog out, let him back in, crashed on the couch for another hour.
I feel like death warmed over.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I have slept like crap the past two nights. House/pet-sitting is good and all, but I am HORRIBLE at sleeping in a different place. Not to mention, I don't like the bed I'm sleeping in. Oy, my back.