Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday is the new Monday

I got up early today and went in to work to meet with
my boss. This will be the new routine until I finish
student teaching. (Except for next weekend, which will
be Labor Day weekend.)

That was from about 8:45a until 10a. I went to yoga
after that. Came home, cleaned up, and then trucked
out again to the Panera about 2pm for a late lunch. I
stayed at Panera, doing work on my business laptop
until 7pm. Ay, ay ay...

Now I am sitting at Summit on my personal laptop doing
various things. I need to do some reading for school.
I met with my supervisor. She seems alright, but a
little talkative (as in off the topic). I've noticed
that's something that really bugs me. I hate when
people get off topic during some thing that's supposed
to be organized (like a business meeting or class).
Don't waste my valuable time!

Anyhoo, there's only six of us in the graduate MAT-2nd
English program. We'll be a pretty tight group with
the exception of The Hick (TM). I think she's going to
rival Potatoes (for those of you who remember HER) for
sheer stupidity. This chick should have been kicked
out of the program. She's a bigot, for one, and is so
down on students (she's been a substitute for a
while). I know if she were MY teacher, I'd fucking go
crazy. Should be interesting, especially considering
my bud Anne said that our advisor (whom she had last
Spring) doesn't take shit. Anne thinks the super will
eat The Hick alive.

Good, I say.