Thursday, August 02, 2007

The clock is ticking...

Final semester of my grad program, thank god.

I skeeved off work early yesterday (well, I *was*
sick, I just decided I had better go to the university
to get some paperwork, sickness be damned).

I got my application for graduation and managed to
duck into my advisor's office and get it filled out
that very afternoon. Excellent. So that paperwork is
in. Now I just gotta pass the damn student teaching.

While I was in with my advisor, another program
teacher was in there. They're both excellent. My
advisor was like "So, what are you doing during
student teaching." I said, "Uh, working part-time..."

She asked me where and I told her. She had been
considering me for the graduate assistant position for
her. That would have been very cool, and I'm chuffed
that she had me as a top candidated, but I can't do it
because I need to keep my benefits at my current job.
(She was completely understanding of that.)

Got my loaner laptop from work today which I will use
while I work part-time. Did a test drive of it, and of
course the key program I use does NOT work correctly.
So gotta get that fixed tomorrow, then test again.

Went to Target and got a planner thingy. If I'm going
to survive this semester, I am going to have to have
every moment planned. No fucking about. (Oh, the
possibility of THAT actually going to plan...)

OTHER FUN NEWS: am eagerly awaiting latest Amazon
purches of Dr. Who Season Two. I totally caved. Had to
do it.