Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let your fingers do the walkin'

I'm glad I called up the bookstore before driving an
hour to Chicago in the crappy rain. My seminar still
does not have booklist. Hey, that's fine with me if I
ultimately don't have to spend the cash on it.

What else is on the schedule today:

haircut @ 2:30 in Mt. Prospect (I might get a color,
I'm feeling bored with my hair right now, and I may go
pretty short)

knitting store - ran out of yarn on my niece's
legwarmers, and need help adding on that new yarn
because I haven't done that before

Should finish my goddamn portfolio for school

Yoga at 7:30 tonight maybe, depends on how much work
my co-worker sends my way. Last night I worked about
3.5 hours which is pretty good. More than, actually.
I'm sure once I start student teaching, I won't want
to work more than two hours a night. My main work
hours will have to be on the weekend.

Time to finish my cuppa tea, brush my teeth, and get
out of here...