Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Excuse me while I squee

I popped in the sixth disc of Dr. Who - the ones with
Tennant's video diaries. THIS is AWESOME.

It's hysterical - there was already a shot of Anthony
Stewart Head. And DT speaking in his native Glaswegian
accent, sometimes slipping into his English "Doctor"
accent...and then CARDIFF and the Gower Peninsula.
It's like the UK in micro. WHEEEEE!!


Tickersoid said...

You know of the Gower Peninsula? I'm Impressed. A lot of Americans don't know where Wales is.

Hey Lady said...

Oh, I thought I'd posted this before, but maybe it was before you started coming round here: I studied one semester in Wales. I was at Trinity College Carmarthen in Fall of 98. Best semester ever.