Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sweet baby Jeebus! Is Ripper (BtVS spin off) finally a go?

Is there any truth to this??!! (Sullivan, I'm looking at you for the scoop.) This is from yesterday...

Joss Whedon Confirms Buffy Spin-off Happening

Better sharpen those stakes.

In a surprise Comic-Con announcement, Joss Whedon has confirmed that the long gestating Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, entitled Ripper, finally looks like it's going forward.

Whedon says that he's thisclose to signing a deal with the BBC to finance a 90-minute telepic that will star Buffy's Anthony Stewart Head as former Watcher Rupert Giles combatting the things that go bump in the night sans Slayer.

The deal hasn't been signed yet, so anything can happen. Whedon was quick to say that no U.S. distribution has been decided, meaning that it's still a bit soon to circle a launch date on your calendar or break open the bubbly.

Meanwhile, Whedon has launched a non-Buffy-related online comic called Sugar Shock with Dark Horse (the publishers of the Buffy Season Eight comic). It's free, it's online, and it might just tide you over until Ripper... or the next issue of the Buffy comic.

Speaking of things "Buffy": I somehow wound up watching the new Holly Hunter show on TNT called "Saving Grace". It's a little too hick accenty and bubba trucky (AND religious) for me, but I cracked up watching it: Bailey (of the Initiative) is one of the main characters and last night's villainous guest was none other than James Marsters. A James Marsters speaking in his regular (albeit hick for the show) American accent AND sporting brown hair. It was interesting to see those two things to say the least!

EDIT EDIT: Sullivan you SUCK if you don't write up about this panel. There was a PANEL for Joss at the Con? Come on! Spill more info! And I doubt I'll go to WWC, so any chances of seeing that preview electronically, eh?

Monday, July 30, 2007

New week, S.O.S. (same old shit)

I finally got around to watching the last episode on disc 2 for season 2 of Dr. Who. I think I just found my new favorite episode: The Girl in the Fireplace. OMG. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil you, but DAMN. That just about broke my heart in the end. And the score music went well with it. Usually score music just annoys the hell out of me; half the time the writers are trying to sell you on the "very special moment" with uber-cheesey music, when they should have spent more time developing the scene and dialogue. Oh no, this score music is on my iShuffle (yes, yes, go download Dr. Who soundtrack). My favorites are the theme for the Doctor and Madame de Pompadour.
I am almost finished with knitting ONE (god, I still have to do the other one!) leg warmer. Yes, bitches, you heard me right. The 80s, they are like a bad rash coming back on the ass of humanity. Pink, oh so pink, legwarmers. I'm giving them to my niece. She's in competitive cheerleading and I figure she can pull the look off. (God knows they wear those skirts which really don't cover anything and they're cold!) Her uniform is black and pink w/ silver accent, hence the pink legwarmers.
I knitted a lot yesterday.(Speaking of which, I think I may have a cramp in my right index finger. That, or I'm developing rheumatoid arthritis! Jesus.) I was over at my dad's for a while. Apparently my grandma is declining. She's not wanting to eat much and she sleeps all the time. I don't know. Hell, the doctors were like "you've only got a few months left" and that was like TWO YEARS ago. I won't believe it until she's not breathing. (And before I get too many condolencey type messages, please don't. I'm not exactly close to this grandma. She's a little kooky. And bigoted.)
Mmmm. Charlie Tuna for lunch. Who wants to smell my breath?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


After watching something as fantastically horrible as
this game (Cubs v Cards), I need to watch something

Maybe some David Tennant Dr. Who?

Or maybe...my bottle of whiskey underneath the sink?
Would that make me an alchy?

Thank you to the Universe

I was looking at a pretty dire week, financially. My confirmation payment for fall student teaching was due today. That would be at least $340. I called up to check on my account, hoping that I had received a Merit Tuition Waiver.
SCORE. I DID, but the exciting part? I got it for 6 credit hours, not just the 3 I was hoping for! So for a bill that was originally about $1200, I only have an outstanding balance of $246! The chick on the phone was like "do you want to confirm?" Well, DUH.
And this is when the school (and its generally stupid employees) reverted back to stupid form. The chick was saying that I didn't HAVE to make a payment because the waiver counts towards that confirmation. So fine, yes, I am confirming I am still planning to attend. "Well, I can't do that over the phone if you aren't going to make a payment."
So, basically, because I'm not making a payment (that I don't even in this case HAVE to make), I would have to DRIVE DOWN TO SCHOOL (AN HOUR, MIND YOU), just to say to someone's face "I confirm my attendance"! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! You would think it would be in the reverse that my presence would be demanded.
Fucking stOOpid.

Oscar the cat predicts patients' deaths - Yahoo! News

Oscar the cat predicts patients' deaths - Yahoo! News

Very. Weird.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh noes!

Bear (of Man vs. Wild) is being accused of faking the


Well, he can't fake being hot at least. But STILL.
Faking the situations seriously detracts from his sexy


Weird Things That I Want

Should the blessed day ever EVER again come that I will have my own abode, I look forward to cleaning out a BUNCH of my shit. I have too much crap. Moving will provide a much needed impetus to actually purge. Once I am done with this graduate school stuff and (fingers crossed, knock on wood) get a job in a school, I am going to put my corporate SRP to use and FUCKING MOVE! I would like to live in the city, but let's face it, I can't count on that. If I get a teaching job in the suburbs, it would be pretty stupid to live in the city. I'd have another hellish commute. And living AND working in the city is tricky, because that drops me right in the lovely ol' Chicago Public Schools system. Can you hear my sarcasm? Better be damn careful in that event, because a bad CPS will fuck you up.

But I really want a rocking chair. Blame my recent crochet, and new knitting, activities. Seriously, there is nothing quite like a rocking chair for it. In fact, I saw a nifty little rattan one at IKEA...oh, my precious, we wantsss it.

Chickens. Don't ask me why, but I would like to raise chickens some day. Just a few. But that requires a house and land. I blame my garden activities and my reading activities ("The $64 Dollar Tomato" and "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle".)

But you know: for anyone reading who feels pity on my impending financial crisis (can only work part-time at a real job while I student teach for NO MONEY): feel free to DONATE$$$

Right now

I think I detest my job today. Some person comes in here asking about something I (supposedly) sent "a while ago" and if I remember it.
Well, gee, how long ago is "a while ago"? They say, a few weeks.
Ok, in the course of a day, how many emails do you think I send out? The answer is probably HUNDREDS. SO, NO, I DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO RECALL ONE PIDDLING INSIGNIFICANT EMAIL YOU CAN'T GIVE ME ANY DETAILS ABOUT FROM A FEW WEEKS AGO.
JESUS. People are stupid.
Add to that the fact that one of my co-workers just annoys the goddamn bejesus out of me with her warbly fucking music. It's like the worst light station you can image: Michael Bolton and tons of Celine Dion screeching their way about tortured love. I have to blast out my eardrums with my iPod so I don't have to hear that shit. *shudders*
And she also spends half the morning coughing because she has nasal drip or something.
I need out of this place. I am SO GLAD I will be student teaching in a month. I mean, I'm not relishing the huge drop in my (non-existant) paycheck, but working part-time means I WILL NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH WARBLY MUSIC, POST-NASAL DRIP NOISES or STUPID QUESTIONS FOR A WHOLE BLESSED THREE 1/2 MONTHS! Yay for evening/weekend hours!
And with THAT rage, I am going to leave to get some fresh air before I spontaneously combust.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

So, so, so, soooooo

in love with Dr. Who. Be it Ninth or Tenth Doctor, I
looooooove it.

Oh, why have I not watched you before this? Dr. Who
Merchandise, I must find you.

In other news: I did a face plant in the grass while
doing a headstand. Very stupid of me. I think I still
have grass in my left eye. I was doing a regular head
stand and then tried to get all fancy, pushing up with
my hands, lifting my head, and moving into something
like scorpion pose.

Whooooop....slid down on the left and that grass is
quite exfoliating, you know?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well, that was interesting :Harry Potter

*gazes bleary eyed at world*

It took me a bloody hour to get the book last night at B&N. An hour in which it was very hot, because the mall turns down the power on the A/C to conserve energry. Bleh!

I told myself I was only going to read a chapter or two, then go to bed. Ha. I wound up crawling into bed and reading the whole damn thing (nearly 800 pages) from 1:30 to 7:30am. People, there is a reason I don't pull all nighters: it's because it's goddamn fucking wrong seeing sunset in complete reverse (utter darkness, to birds screaming their heads off and the sun up).

It was a good book, I have to say. I was preparing myself to be disappointed. Reading a muchly hyped book like this: well, damn, it's hard to live up the hype. I mean, yes, there were some points I was reading thinking "OH COME ON! TOO TRANSPARENT!", but then Rowling pulled a quick one or two that left me reeling.

Good stuff. I went to bed after finishing. Woke up in time to watch the Cubs lose, damn it all. I think I'm going to go to the gym.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where have I been?

I know I'm late to the game, but DAMN. David Tenant? Verrrry attractive. Yeow. I'm trying to get caught up on the Dr. Who stuff.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)

You may wish that you didn't have so many things to do, but your life could settle down a bit after tomorrow's New Moon. Don't wait until you've hit the wall, for if you don't pull back soon, you could crash from sheer exhaustion. Start applying the brakes gently by getting some much-needed rest and relaxation.

No shit. Somehow I wound up with a really, really bad headache yesterday evening while coming home from Borders. It was so bad, I was crying in the car and I wanted to throw up. It felt like someone was taking a sledghammer to the top left of my skull.

I was supposed to go to Kundalini Yoga and another regular yoga class this morning, but just couldn't. My body was saying "hell, no, you are staying in bed."


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Main Entry: ser·en·dip·i·tous
Pronunciation: "ser-&n-'di-p&-t&s
Function: adjective
: obtained or characterized by serendipity
- ser·en·dip·i·tous·ly adverb

Main Entry: ser·en·dip·i·ty
Pronunciation: -'di-p&-tE
Function: noun
Etymology: from its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip
: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also : an instance of this

On this, my second day off work, I am at the Summit Ice Cream and Coffee Shop in L'ville. Free wi-fi and all that. I meant to work on my portfolio for school, then do some leisure reading. I also stuffed a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles into my bag. Still trying to learn how to knit.

Shortly after I sit down and get situated at a table, I happen to look over at the table next to me full of ladies. They're knitting. I shut my laptop and ask if I can bother them...score!!

I just spent the past two hours knitting with the nicest ladies: Pat, Nancy, Inge, Yuki, and another woman whose name I cannot remember. This last one is the one who showed me how to finally get a purl stitch right. HAL-LE-FREAKING-LUJAH, I can finally do a damn purl stitch. Jesus, it's ridiculously easy to me now. I was trying to get the stitch off the needles completely ass-backwards before, no wonder I was so frustrated. Learning how to do purl stitch now makes me do my regular stitch better, too. I'm going to learn those cables soon.

Also, new store to check out: Three Bags Full in Northbrook.

It just sucks because these ladies meet every week Tuesday, from 1-3. I work.

Also funny: half of these ladies (who, by all accounts, can knit me into circles) are like "crochet? oh, god, I can't crochet!" when I told them I can crochet. Hysterical. Crocheting is so much easier - it's just one little hook compared to TWO needles. Much easier to correct if you screw up a stitch, too. If you fuck up knitting, you really fuck up.

Well, looks like I'll have to work on my portfolio tomorrow. I gotta get going home and stuff before going to my dad's onight.


Jesus, it is freaking hot outside. I woke up at 7am
and puttered about for a bit (off work this week). I'm
making a pineapple upside down cake for my dad's
birthday today, and figured it would be better to bake
it BEFORE it got crazy hot in the middle of the day.

I biked to the store to get a couple items I needed
and I was already sweating in my clothes.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


I just did a tripod headstand! Not once, but TWICE!


I feel like I can do just about anything!

This gives you a bit of an idea.

And I think I understand better from doing this how I
should get into Crow Pose.

Sweet! I went to Mary's class Saturday morning and it
was the first time I sincerely tried to get into
tripod. Well, make that the first time I felt like I
actually had a shot. It helped that I know how to do a
regular headstand now. I didn't make it then, but I
started fooling around with it today.

I started by going into widelegged forward bend. So my
forehead is down on the ground, and my hands are
placed so that there is a triangle between them and
my head (the tripod). And just like Mary was telling
me Saturday, I slowly started pushing more into my
hands...hips/butt slowly start moving back. Basically,
the more you push into your hands, the more you legs
will just float up.


I couldn't believe it! My legs floated right up in the
perfect position (not that I could see it, but I could
feel it). (Some teach it like that photo link does,
where you balance your knees on arms first - that
would definitely get me closer to crow pose. I'll have
to try that as well.) I huffed my breath a little bit
because I wanted to laugh because OMG I was doing it.

I came down out of the pose, crouched down, and pumped
my fists... YES!!

Now...if I could just do a backbend. Must strengthen
lower back.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Madonna Whore Complex...it's complex

I swear I was behind every fundy right-winger out there on the drive home today. I'm seeing a lot of cars with this bumper sticker that says "God is Real!" in this cheery (and disturbing cursive font) for a local church called The Chapel. I'm going to call The Chapel the McChurch (or franchised church) of northern Illinois. They have little franchises up all over the place. I get this weird Stepford/cult vibe from it all.

AND THEN...there was the big SUV. It was plastered with four or five Jesusy bumperstickers and one of those metal fish insignias. One of the bumper stickers said something along the lines of "Jesus and the apostles didn't preach 'I'm Ok, you're Ok'". Oh, so one of those real "Jesus is in MY CLUB ONLY" types of people. Probably likes Jerry Falwell, too.

Here's the kicker: they (or presumably she) had a vanity license plate that read PRTYWMN (i.e., PRETTY WOMAN).

This stupid idiot does know that the movie was about a whore, right?

Once again, supplying evidence that the most uptight religious fundies not-so-secretly harbor desires to be whores and take it up the behind.

People, get over it. Just admit you like to get fucked every now and then. It would make the world a better place.

Special Day

And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LIPPY! Hope you live it up this weekend!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New things...

I've added a link to my public photos on shutterfly. HOWEVER, I do not have the album updated. I just did a test album. So, don't bother yet (for anyone who is interested).

Second, to a new reader who may find this interesting: listen live to Jazz on College of DuPage WDCB.org. If I listen to the radio on the way in to work, it's usually this. Most of the stations hardly play music anymore, and are filled with annoying talking DJs. At least this station keeps me calm before going into work.

Their morning guy, John Burnett (who I think is on vacation this week), is a Brit ex-pat. I don't think this is strictly your definition of jazz (has new stuff), but hey. Coincidence.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

*maniacal laughter* SCORE!

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* fucking (8x)
* hell (6x)
* shit (5x)
* fuck (3x)
* ass (2x)
* dick (1x)

So without further ado: fucking hell shit fuck ass dick awaaaaaay!


dear god, my tolerance is so weak today.

one bottle of surprisingly strong heffeweisen, and glass of sangria later...
I'm about as loose as jell-o.

i made pizza. from scratch. mama tucci's recipe. i fucked it up. desperately needed salt in the crust. i want to weep. nothing is more disastrous than a fucked up pizza. pizza, my friends, is manna from heaven, and to profane the pizza gods with a poorly executed pizza pie is sacrilege. (and please, don't let anyone fool you with that stupid saying how "pizza is like sex, even bad pizza is still pizza". no. bad pizza and bad sex are just plain bad. if you can't get the good stuff, just abstain, masturbate....or something. i don't know.)

you know, i think i am going to declare my own new religion of pizza pie-dom.

i am a purist. i stick to sausage (or sassage, if you want to put in your chicago accent) and/or pepperoni. cheese. sauce. deep dish.

da bears, da cubs, da bulls.

fuck that new york style pizza shit. east coast bastards.

best pizza? still Bill's Pub. 847 566 5380. Since 1957 baby. Long live peanuts on the floor and stuffed animals and fish on the walls!

(and those of you not from around here, which is pretty much everyone, will not have a fucking clue what I'm blathering on about.)

must nap. may go watch fireworks later.

It's Friends of Kilroy Carnival Time!!


Welcome! Welcome! Step right up and take a hop on the fun ride! It's Kilroy Carnival Time!

Thanks to all for submitting entries and I hope everyone enjoys reading! Without further ado:

LJP's blog "SAVESAVESAVE" (sounds like what I do while writing term papers) is described as being full of "Amusing shopping adventures, holiday stories, my ebay successes and disasters".

We have a poetess, Sara, who submitted her entry in poem-form practically. I think I'll just put in what she typed!
(1) Sara
(2) The Shores of My Dreams
(3) Twisted
(4) Drift into the corners of mind and see the unseen. Read my soul in my poetry
(5) She Writes Poetry

Miss Lucky Mommy describes her blog, Mr. Wonderful Does it Again, as "very crass, in your face, cut throat response to the day to day trials of domestic partnership and the joy of motherhood." I'm itching to read it it now!! Go check out her post And they're off!
Deb over at Girls Want Porn (does that perk you up yet?) has poetry, musings and other things that girls really think about. Check out What's A Beautiful Body Cost?

Marion talks about Respect in the Garden in her blog, The Herbal Connection: "I’m just another traveler on the road of Life. I write about some of my experiences, musings, and everyday miracles on my blog."

Tickers' "He's Got to Be a Bit Gay", is the mostly, upbeat thoughts and
experiences of a middle aged Anglo/Scottish, steelworker, living in the South Wales
valleys. My apparent Englishness is probably enough to have me perceved
as a bit gay, around here. Check out his Village Idiot post.

Mistress Regina snaps the whip over at Tales of Ladies, Goddesses and Bitches, an erotica blog that encourages free expression; working writers, aspiring writers and those who write for fun are welcomed. Prudes are dismissed. Get to it and read The Chosen One.

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A mysterious entry from "Tea" is found at secret fantasy.

And last but certainly not least, we have The Wandering Author submitting "Hubris" from his collection of fiction, random thoughts and the occasional poem.

I neglected to put in the sponsor: Frequently For Your Success is the Sponsor of the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series. Check out Finding and Maintaining Balance in Life.

Monday, July 02, 2007





People are stupid

These morons who tried to bomb London/Glasgow airport get stupider by the nanosecond, I tell you.

One of the roasted (this guy, maybe?) is a doctor and worked at the hospital he is currently being treated at? WTF?

But, HELL-OOOO law enforcement eye candy. Is it the uniform? That guy to the back could handcuff me anyday.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Dude. Lippy's card reading makes me laugh. It is SO. TYPICAL. of her outlook.

The Universe. She knows. And don't you forget about it! (And I haven't even drunk any wine yet!)

Thanks everyone

The time to submit an entry to the Carnival has passed! I am a busy bee getting the post compiled. And I am also sweating, trying to clean up around the house. Ugh.

Random Thing: My cucumbers are growing prolifically incognito! Holy crap! I turned aside the vines (which are so Mr. Grabby-Hands, latching on to whatever is in their way), and discovered one, two, THREE fat little cucumbers! I practically shrieked. Little dudes are prickly, too.

I ate one yesterday sliced, with a sprinkling of salt. Deeeeeelicious! There is something to be said for eating a vegetable which you yourself plucked from the vine five minutes ago!

Now if only more of my tomato plants were thriving. I'm getting disappointing results...