Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Tuna Sandwich? I just got back from Einstein Bros. Bagels. I ordered a tuna salad sandwich to go. WHAT A JOKE. Seriously, there was about a tablespoon's worth of tuna hidden in between these huge slabs of bread! I have about a whole head of onion rings in there, and plenty of tomato and lettuce, but WTF WITH THE TUNA?
God, I was pissed. That place is NOT cheap for being a sandwich place. Catch me ever going back there again!
Telephone at Work. I am sick unto death of one of my co-workers being on the phone ALL THE DAMN TIME EVERY DAY ON PERSONAL PHONE CALLS. Jesus Christ! I don't want to hear about your life. Doesn't anybody who calls you fucking WORK? Don't YOU? It's like fucking Potatoes all over again (for those of you who remember "Potatoes", a former and unmissed co-worker of mine from another department). I just do NOT understand why my boss doesn't tell her to cut this shit out.
I mean, yeah, I'm on the internet, BUT 1) it's quiet and 2) I GET MORE WORK DONE BECAUSE I AM FUCKING BRILLIANT, I AM.

And something I forgot to post earlier: I went into Starbucks this morning by my house. All of a sudden, there was someone RIGHT BEHIND ME and BREATHING on me. Seriously, I could smell his breath (not good). The cashier, whom I know, was like "do you KNOW this guy?" I knew who it was before even turning around. It was the husband of one of my cousins. Jim. He's a big annoying fucking twit. Never liked him all that much. I don't know what the fuck my cousin saw in him to make her go and get married. And no, she wasn't knocked up. He's...creepy. Something about him just strikes me as "off" and not in a cute eccentric way.

Who the fuck comes right up behind you, completely invading your personal space, and breathes on you? I saw him at a christening party this weekend, too, and he came up and SNIFFED MY HAIR. And the shit he says. It's not outright sexual or anything, but...creepy. *shudders*

Fat, slobby, (former?) stoner. Gag.Me.

One day, he's going to come up behind me and annoy me for the very last time, because I will wind up and smash his face in. Don't think I'm joking. I was about five seconds away from doing it today.


Tickersoid said...

I had a colleague called Bigus Dickus, He used to call his wife on the 'phone for hours on a night shift, right after spending all day with her.

Old Knudsen said...

Once at work someone came up behind me and grabbed me around the throat in a playful aha got you way. I instinctively reached doon and grabbed their balls except there wasn't any. I jumped the gurl that grabbed me jumped and we avoided each other and never spoke about this again.

m said...

Was the cashier Baumann?

Hey Lady said...

No - it was Mom Baumann. But Baumann proper was barista-ing. He was looking at me, too, like "What is going on?"