Thursday, October 30, 2008


Jesus Christ, my day has been fucking INSANE. I should go to yoga tonight, but right now all I want to do is sit back with a bottle of something strongly alcoholic.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Xmas Savings

OOoh. Money in my Xmas savings account gets distributed to my main account on Sat, Nov 1. Good to know. I should, I suppose, sit down and make my gift list out so I know what I'm buying for whom. (Not much, this year!)


I just spilled milk all down my shirt and pants.
*throws hands up*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


DONE, dude. I think I'm gonna go trot off and deliver it this very afternoon!


I just called the temp agency today to see how many vacation days I'm eligible four. It's based on approved hours and I have no way of knowing exactly how many hours that is.
Woot! I have, to date, 1130.33 hours. I was expecting maybe three vacation days. Nope, I get FIVE. Which is still lousy compared to a real employee here, but it's better than what I was expecting! Plus, I do have holiday pay for Turkey Day and Xmas and NYD.
I'm looking at my calendar, and I think I will use my vacation days for the day before and day after Turkey Day (2), Xmas Eve (1), Boxing Day (that's Day After Xmas to us Yanks) (1) and NYE (1).
BTW: I will most likely be staying down in the city for a good chunk of time between 12/19 and 1/2 as I will be apartment sitting/pet-watching for my friend, Anne, while she is in Hawai'i (lucky bitch)! *looks at flist* JULIUS MEINL! LOVELY! YO! ICE SKATING!
P.S. Don't know why this popped into my head just now, but I think my next big picture undertaking should be documenting the first snowfall on the Seminary Premises if I can swing it. Yes, I really have no love for Catholocism, but the Seminary grounds are gorgeous, especially with a first snowfall. You feel like you're a million miles from nowhere, but you aren't.
Ok, back to filling out my job application for the community college.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dead from the waist down

Good freaking god. I was cleaning up my bookshelf, and I came across a random notebook I'd only sporadically used as a journal. From 2005. It was full of bullshit about the last jerk I dated.
There's a reason I don't journal much about relationships during the odd times when I actually have one: because it's goddamn freaking embarassing when you find the stuff months/years later and realize the jerk wasn't worth any of the heartache.
Moan, moan, moan HE WASN'T WORTH IT. NONE OF IT. *snort* I'd forgotten the "casual" remark he made to me when he broke up with me OVER THE PHONE. That still pisses me off.
What a douchebag.
I ripped those pages out of the journal, tore them into bits and tossed them in the trash. Right where they belong. I couldn't light a fire in my room, or I'd have burned them. That's usually what I do.

Deluded (or Planning on Stealing)

McCain is still saying he's "going to win".
Excuse me, WTF? There is no way in HELL you are going to win. Even all your own wingnuts are saying you're an idiot, lately, and saying that you are bringing down your party with you (which is just fine with me).
And now, speculation that he is focusing so much on PA (even though he is DOWN, way down in the polls) as the place he is "going to win".
Yeah, right. Only if you steal it, you fucking thug.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Botanic_Garden 117

Botanic_Garden 117
Originally uploaded by feigenbaum_04
The rest of my Chicago Botanic Garden photos are uploaded.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Is it time to go yet? I'm so freaking exhausted. I slept like crap. Gotta stop at Walgreens on the way home and pick up my archival CD of Botanic photos.
Then I need to do some yoga. If I don't fall asleep.

Sarah Palin: NOT a voice for women

Sunday, October 19, 2008

water lily

water lily
Originally uploaded by feigenbaum_04
From my trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden today.

Dear John: No one (Sane) loves you

Recent headline on Yahoo!:

McCain: Obama fundraising hurts public financing

Dear John:

You really are that stupid, aren't you? What a pathetic, LOSER thing to say. Gee, if this were YOU I highly doubt you'd complain. No, you're complaining because you're a LOSER AND LOSING.

This relationship is OVER.


The American Public that Thinks (i.e., Liberals)

P.S. The whole "Obama's plans are Socialism" schtick. *snort* Judging from his insane poll numbers and the way people feel about his policies, I think that means if it is socialism, then people don't give a rat's ass. Call me weird, but I think the fucking tax dollars you bastards rip from my paycheck SHOULD GO TO ME AND/OR SOCIAL PROGRAMS TO HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE. NOT SOME FUCKING CORPORATIONS.

P.P.S. Yes, saw C.P. endorsed Obama. Feel a little torn over this. I mean...yay? But as someone pointed out in Daily Kos, "respected" or not, Powell knew all the lies - from the INSIDE - the Bush regime perpetrated to initiate the illegal war in Iraq. And what did he do? He went to the U.N. and repeated those lies. He is also responsible for this war. He can apologize for this all he likes, but that doesn't change what he did or what happened. He should turn witness on these assholes and help get them prosecuted for war crimes. For that matter, Pelosi should have gotten off her ass and impeached Bush when she first had the chance in 2006.

P.P.P.S. ANOTHER wingnut attacks an Obama supporter: this time in Caledonia, WI. Local newspaper article here. This brought to you by the hate rhetoric spouted by the EVIL McCain-Palin. Remember, McCain is proud of all his supporters. PROUD. I betcha Palin would say those were "real American", you betcha!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Reason eleventy million why wingnuts are assholes

So, there was a blurb on NBC for the news in the commercial break. Obama supporters in the Chicago suburbs are receiving death threats for their lawn signs. Villa Park is where it happened. Three death threats. It's on tv now. Oh, and they phrased it as a "VIOLATION NOTICE" from the village. Oh, and they also called the woman a "n----- lover". Classy. Real fucking classy, you fucking redneck ASSHOLE WHOEVER YOU ARE.

These ignorant rightwinger freaks need to be tossed in jail. They deserve much, much worse.


I hope they hunt this fucker down.


The Iceman Cometh

THIS reference? Is teh awesome.
Make no mistake, Barack Obama is one cool customer. Now, after the last debate, it seems all but certain that the Iceman cometh to the White House.

Radio talk show hosts and rank-and-file Republicans spent the last few weeks pleading with John McCain to take the gloves off and take the fight to Obama. How's that working out, folks?


In this week's match-up, Obama snatched the gloves out of McCain's hands and slapped him silly with them. I suppose the hope was that Obama would get rattled and make a mistake. But Obama doesn't get rattled or make many mistakes.

Obviously, it takes a lot to get under Obama's skin. McCain sure tried. Maybe this is the guy we want negotiating with world leaders. Maybe after eight years of George W. Bush stubbornness, on the heels of eight years of Clinton emotiveness, we need to send out for ice.
Maybe? MAYBE? No, Obama IS the guy we want.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You betcha!

Europe mocks "half-baked Alaskan" Palin.

Dear Europe and rest of world:

REALLY, REALLY sorry our country has been run by absolute crooks and shithole liars. Sorry our country has been run by the fucked up idealogues who think Jeebus loves them guns! SORRY, SORRY, SORRY.

Hopefully we're on the way to making amends for that with President Obama.

God, my country is an absolute fucking EMBARASSMENT because of George Bush and these goddamn neocons. They should all be strung up from the nearest gibbet.

In other news: I did in fact cancel my Facebook account. I am trying to let go of the anger I feel towards that one individual, but it's a slow process. I still want to backhand the bitch across the room. What a cunt. Seriously. And I don't use that word a lot.

Yeah, I called Sarah Palin "evil". YES, SHE IS EVIL. If you believe in the whole Judeo-Christian concept of god and the devil and all that crap, then YES Sarah Palin and McCain and a whole lot of that infrastructure is EVIL. They do the devil's work. How can you NOT consider this woman evil when she whips "people" (using THAT term loosely) up into a frenzy of hatred and bigotry and where some start yelling to murder the opposing candidate?! Please, if it were one of us on the Democratic side doing it, you'd all be yelling bloody fucking murder. Just because that bitch squirted five kids (and what mental fuckups THEY probably are) out of her vagina does NOT make her a good person (as that idiot on my former Facebook seemed to imply). Any chick can spread her legs and have a baby. Her being a mother has NOTHING to do with anything. AND THEN, fucking McCain, instead of repudiating such actions, fucking comes on the debate last night and says he's "proud of all the people who attend his rallies". NO HONOR. You fucking wingnuts. Any one want to take a stab and the ways in which I am sure the wingnuts have broken every commandment, all while claiming to uphold truth, justice and the "American" way.

I take comfort in the fact McCain's karmic reward will come as he will probably die of melanoma within the next four years.

I look forward to an overwhelming victory, a filibuster-proof majority, and this country finally fucking having a smart, thinking person in charge and HOPEFULLY recovering a bit of the respect other nations used to have for us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You know, SCREW YOU

I friended back someone on Facebook - she's the older sister of someone I barely keep in touch with anymore (not my fault).
She apparently took umbrage to a post of MINE in MY OWN profile wherein I called Palin evil for inspiring hate talk.
Yeah, go figure. Said woman is a military wife. I don't know why she would support a duo who wants to keep fighting unjust and unnecessary wars. Keep drinking the kool-aid, then.
You know what people? If you're a fucking McCain-Palin kool-aid drinker, FUCK OFF. You're not wanted.
I immediately de-friended her. Fuck it, I may just get rid of the whole Facebook thing anyway. I find it increasingly stupid. I keep in touch with the people that matter to me via other means. I don't need stupid ex-dance dates, or crazed sisters "friending" me when they don't know the first damn thing about me and/or are politically stupid.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calendar Time

It's Calendar Buying Time again.
Oh boy. There are some absolutely GORGEOUS calendars of London. *sigh*
I miss London.
Andy, I miss you too! I know we haven't talked in forever.

Sunset on the Lake

Originally uploaded by feigenbaum_04
Countryside Lake at sunset

Monday, October 13, 2008


I am exhausted today. It's my own fault; I should have gone to bed earlier last night.
My eyes just want to slide shut.
My left leg is also killing me. I have got to stop wearing flip flops - no support! All the cleaning I did yesterday also = ow.
Oh, I wish I could have stayed in bed.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fucking ridiculous

The DOW continues to freefall at terminal velocity. Now we're below 9,000. Yeah, so much for that ridiculous bailout package! What did it buy? NOTHING. Oh, wait, AIG fat execs got to go play at a posh spa resort. Those fuckers should be sued, or better yet, tarred and fucking feathered. Seriously.
Who's paying? NOT the government. NOT the companies. Those assholes still get their golden parachutes.
My mom thinks she's retiring this December. She's out of her mind. I haven't looked at my Scottrade account. I don't think I want to. I didn't invest all of my money directly into stocks that I'd rolled out of my company SRP once I went contractor, but the majority was invested. I'm sure I've lost at least 25%.
And yet McDeregulationCain said as little as two weeks ago that the "fundamentals" of our economy were strong. WHAT A FUCKING LIAR. He is part of the problem! He was there back in Reagan's day, when this whole deregulation shit first started that was the groundwork for this whole mess. Hello, Keating 5 scandal. Hello S&L scandal.
We're in a fucking recession. There is no "risk" of one anymore. Let's face the goddamn facts. We are IN a RECESSION.
I'm not looking forward to this, but after having just cut the cable service back a tier, I may just tell my mom we need to cancel it. Because I'm not paying for it. (And I know she won't want to. She's already said she'll just have to cut back on stuff when I asked her what she planned on doing WHEN - not IF - WHEN I move out.) I watch DVDs more anyway. I'll miss the Food Channel and Discovery and TLC, but three channels are not worth crying over. I'll still have PBS. I just printed out those coupons for the digital converter boxes.
I put my Netflix account on hold. Now I'll just cancel it.
About the only non-negotiable thing for me is internet service. I have been pressing to ditch the landline - I NEVER use it, why should I pay for it? She's got a cell phone, too. WHY pay for a landline that the only people call are telemarketers? I just need to call ATT and confirm I can just have internet service only. I know they'll jack up the price since I want to ditch the landline. Fuckers.
And while I would love to go see the inauguration for Obama, I'm really doubting I'll have the money to get out there.
If I'm *lucky* I will have money saved for a roadtrip next summer.
Christmas is gonna be fun - well it usually is *snark*. My mom has a habit of getting me stupid presents. I am one of those people who will TELL YOU what I want. Don't ask me what I want, have me tell you, and then go out and get me something stupid I will never use. Gifts from friends are one thing, but I know how hard up my mom can get for money. I try to keep her from spending too much on stupid shit. She can just forgo the Christmas crap. Maybe some yarn. Maybe a book. That's it. I'm telling you, if she gets me anything else, it's going back.
I'm lucky I have nearly $600 saved in my xmas account. That's probably far more than many people have in either their checking or savings. Shit.
I've got to stop eating out during the workweek, too. Weekends with friends is one thing. If I stop going to Panera all the damn time during the week then I can do the weekend crap. Adios, Starbucks.
Gotta go to the comic shop, too. Enough of the kid crap. I'm keeping Fables on my monthly pull. Everything else is stopping. If I want it, I'll get the trade.  

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My family, a bunch of stupid ass republicans

God, I really DESPISE and loathe my family some days.

A LOOONG time ago I blocked the Faux News Channel from the cable. Well, apparently my mom caught on. That's all that gets watched at my brother's house of republican bullshit. And then my brother called a couple days ago about it and you can guess how that went. I hung up on him. I wasn't in the mood to talk anyway because of the Cubs losing. He was saying something about how he didn't think it was fair since the cable is in her name...which is when I hung up. I'm sure I pissed him off. He called me back and I didn't answer. Deleted his VM, too, unlistened to.

FIRST OFF, DUMBASS, the cable may be "in her name", but who fucking pays it? Oh, that would be ME. All fucking $82/month of it. It's too bad when I downgraded our service a couple days ago that the Fux News wouldn't be on the tier anymore.


And of course, while I'm taking out the kitty litter, what do I see my mother watching? Fux News.

Drink the purple kool aid, family of mine. Be good and stupid little catholic republicans. *glares*

I know you're not supposed to loathe and despise your family, but when it comes to religion and politics, I could seriously just hit my relatives over the head with a baseball bat. WHY THE FUCK MY MOTHER AND BROTHER - MEXICANS - CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN THAT REPUBLICAN CRAP IS BEYOND ME. YOU FUCKERS ARE BROWN! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS! THE RICH WHITE FOLKS DON'T WANT YOU UNLESS YOU'RE CLEANING THEIR BATHROOMS, MAKING THEIR FOOD, OR MOWING THEIR LAWNS!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hand warmers

Still goddamn cold in here. I am borrowing a girl's handwarmers (fingerless gloves, basically). She is another knitter.
I look like a nauseated zebra. There's a black then a white band top and bottom. In the middle is bright neon green (like post it note color).
But my hands are warm.


Bob Marley, my man, you somehow make me feel like pulling out of this funk.
Go to Pandora and stick in "Jack Johnson". I'm ending up with a nice bunch of mellow, sittin on the beach type of music. Jack, Bob, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, etc...

Friday, October 03, 2008


I was doing handstands in the last aisle of the fileroom to try and get the blood flowing.
Someone walked in.