Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Make a caption!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buffy Tarot Deck Cancelled

Wonder what the "circumstances beyond our control was"? Artistic bickering? Costs?
Kind of a bummer.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm lame.
I left work at lunch to sit in the starbucks so I could sit on the computer and work on the mood theme. Apparently photobucket is only crapping out while I'm at "work".
I have a cookie crumb lodged in my bra, too. Damn it.

Stupid internet!

This is really pissing me off. Photobucket keeps crapping out on me; I can't get in and work on that mood theme I was making.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Mother, the Uninformed

She went to return the Cubs shirt she bought and get a different one. I came home tonight to discover the one she got was a replica jersey.
I laid into her about that and told her I was returning it and buying her a real player's jersey, not some asshat Soriano one.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unhappy morning

I hate waking up still peeved from the Cubs losing one.
Yeah, yeah, yeah you non-Cubs people, I can hear you with your stupid commentary. The fact is, this year we are beating the pants off of people. Losing is now ODD.
Fucking DEVIL Rays. We should have OWNED them last night.
REED! GOD DAMN IT!! (And for that matter, HOFF - a base hit would have been nice, you didn't have to swing for the fucking fish tank.)
*pounds fists on desk*
My obsession with the is not good.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just when I think Adam Levine can't possibly get any more dirty in a song, I listen to the song "Kiwi".
Welp, he certainly PROVED ME WRONG.
Barry White is probably somewhere going "Damn, whiteboy!"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Uh, Chard anyone?

I just picked a TON of chard from where iillegallyaccordingtotheidiotnaziassociationrules planted it in the front. OMG. What the hell am I going to do with it all?
Add to this the fact that the mint is going batshit out there, too. Mint is going to take over the neighborhood, people.
Quick! Recipes for chard? Anyone? Sauteed with garlic and olive oil, I'm thinking?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wherein I lay the English smackdown

I don't know about you, but I find it embarassing when there are stupid grammatical errors in formal writing. Here, in blogosphere, it's not such a big deal.
Let's say, however, a legal missive directing a foreign firm to do certain action on a company's behalf?
"Kindly confirm receipt of this letter and it's enclosure."
What's wrong with that sentence? I'll give you a few seconds to ponder.
Figured it out?
The "it's" is incorrect. Shit like "it's" vs "its" and "their", "there", "they're" drives me motherfucking NUTS. Oh, let's not forget "you're" and "your" (and I suppose the ubiquitous "ur") either. Who/whom? Do you know that one? One can be used as a subject, the other is objective case use only.
Anyway, the word needed in that sentence above was "ITS". "Its" without an apostrophe is POSSESSIVE. "It's" WITH apostrophe is a contraction of TWO words, a subject pronoun and a verb: it & is.
I do have some modicum of tact. I walked over to the woman who wrote it (this is NOT the first time I noticed this in one of her letters), and kindly pointed it out. Her response? "Spell-checker didn't catch it!"
"That's because it's a valid word. It's just wrong in context."
"Well, what about grammar checker?"
I look at her computer screen. "It sucks." THE GRAMMAR CHECKER IS YOU. Please do not count on Bill Gates' technology to do it for you.
Seriously. It is so easy. JUST TAKE A SECOND TO PROOFREAD. Do you really mean to have a contraction there? Say it out the long way: "Kindly confirm receipt of this letter and it is enclosure." Does that make sense? No? Then you probably shouldn't use the apostrophe!
And law firms are seeing this. *rolls eyes*
P.S. Back to the leetspeak "UR" thing. I generally detest that stuff unless I'm in a real hurry texting or being sardonic. I just had some abject retard message me on plentyoffish using a bunch of leetspeak. I read his profile. Full of it. I deleted his message unread. I'm sorry, if you write that unintelligently, what the hell makes you think I'm going to want to have anything to do with you? Did you not read my profile? I think I'm just a bit overeducated for your ghetto-ass then.
I'm going to be alone for the rest of my overpicky life. Better stock up on batteries and toys.

Monday, June 09, 2008


This joker KEEPS emailing me over at plentyoffish. I keep deleting them unread. Dude, I looked at your profile and I'm NOT interested. Go AWAAAAY.
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

With a Long Eye...

You know, we like to think that history is ... well, ancient. But really, the past is never very far away, is it? Take the long view. Look back. It wasn't so long ago that people of color couldn't vote without fear of being intimidated...or worse. It wasn't so long ago that a woman had to get fed up about riding in the back of the bus. It wasn't so long ago that women, of any color, were just expected to stay at home, mind the kids, and make sure the darling husband had a hot dinner waiting for when he came home. It wasn't so long ago that visionary men like MLK and RFK were cut down in their prime. Who knows what might have been, had they lived.
People are alive now who lived through all of this. People who were told that this is all "one nation", that we are all "equal" - that "anyone can become President". But you know that some of us despaired of this really being truth.
Things are not equal. We have made great strides, but we still have far to go. While I have some serious issues with HRC's behavior of late, I do respect that she did well for women candidates. (Well, hopefully she still has some credit there; I suspect she's damaged some of our credibility!)
I am not an African-American. I am Mexican on my mom's side, European mutt (mostly Irish) on my dad's. Not wealthy, but I did not want for the necessities. I am educated - the most educated one in my immediate family. I suppose I have always been the idealist. I still tend to get angry over the way things are when I know they could be better. I am the most non-religious, and most decidedly anti-Republican member of my immediate family. My father once used the "n" word around me, and before I could even think, I yelled at him to "SHUT UP" and to NEVER use that word around me again. If you knew what it was like growing up with my dad, you would understand how my telling him in no uncertain terms to SHUT UP was the wall crazy of me. We were both shocked into silence and stared at each other after I said that to him. I think I was barely out of my teens when that happened. That said, I know I have still have race issues. The typical stuff: being wary of young males in groups, in particular. I'm not perfect, but I'd like to think I can improve.
I obviously haven't lived with the struggles so many in the African-American community have, but I am SO happy for Obama. Dude is my candidate. Reading things like this - Annette John-Hall: As Obama rises, Jim Crow falls - really make me want to cry. (See link: ) I can only imagine the impact of this on people's lives. Me? I'm just happy that the scales may finally be tipping onto the less asshatt-y side of things. Seriously, this year, between teaching Of Mice and Men and Song of Solomon, I've been trying to tell freshmen and juniors in extremely affluent, white-dominated communities about just this type of thing. Their young little brains are like "WHAT? People actually got lynched and NOTHING was done? And this was the 1900s?!" (Regarding Emmit Till) I'm glad we're getting to the days when kids are boggled that "nothing was done?!", but we still need to remember that YES, it happened, and it's something we're still moving on from.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I hate cars

My car:
2 struts
inner tie rod
2 front sway bar links (because the dealership uses crappy PLASTIC)
front strut mount
front coil spring set
rear sway bar link
Car rides much better now. IT DAMN WELL SHOULD.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Have you seen my panties?

Originally uploaded by feigenbaum_04
At long last, the promised post about the slut-tastic girl in yellow from Saturday's game against the Rockies. (You should also check out the quality of the clientele making comments about this photo over at Flickr. I could rest my case about how she's attracting the wrong kind of attention on the basis of that alone.)

These three girls were all above the drinking age, I assume, because they had beers. Blondie in yellow "dress". A dress that should not be worn alone or by any female past the age of 10. Her boobs were rather hefty in the front, and you could see her yellow bra up over the top of the low neckline. The skirt was entirely see through in the light, so you got a good look at her white panties. She may as well have been wearing a peignor.

Honestly. Do you think you look sexy in this? Really? Because your ass needs to sit down and spend some quality time with Stacey and Clinton from What Not To Wear on TLC. "Sexy" is not about flaunting your wares. Every whore on the corner can do that. Sexy is looking chic and put together...and leaving something to the imagination. YOU, my dear, look like a cheap and tawdry whore. If I were a man, the first thing I'd assume about you is that you'd be an easy lay. Attire like that makes it look like you're trying to get a guy to slip a digit up there. You've certainly got easy enough access!

I'm surprised her dress didn't just completely blow up in the wind. Girl, EVERYONE was making fun of you in the rows behind. Trust me. You should be embarassed.