Sunday, August 12, 2007

10 Things You Probably Don't Care to Know, but May, Alas, Read.

I blame Mr. Fez, who tagged me. To whit: ...and now I've been tagged with the ten things which you may or may not know. Is one supposed to be false? Perhaps. But maybe they will all be spectacularly unbelievable, yet true.

1. My first trip outside the U.S. was to Egypt when I was 13. I was in my Indiana Jones phase where I thought I'd grow up to be an archeologist. The real Egypt rather rudely disabused me of that notion (as did the wicked case of Tut's Revenge I got - neon yellow puke is not fun). Did I mention I was also almost kidnapped on a camel by the pyramids?

2. One of my favorite books: Jane Eyre, probably due to the sheer number of times I've had to read it. But a recent recommend to anyone listening: The $64 Tomato. Or try the comic Fables: Legends in Exile.

3. Newest favorite show: Doctor Who, and it is freaking my shit out right about now. I'm watching Impossible Planet. I'm pretty much a sucker for many things British.

4. I learned to do a headstand in yoga this summer.

5. First boyfriend is a Catholic priest. I was the only girlfriend he ever had. Weird? Yes, definitely.

6. I had the best Halloween Buffy party ever. I was into the Buffy CCG and the company, Score, sponsored game parties for Halloween. Some evil comrades (Sullivan, Aly, Baumann) and I organized a big event and got shitloads of swag from Score. We must have gotten at least a $1000 worth of product, if not more.

7. I used to hijack pizza delivery cars in undergraduate. Pizza man comes, gets out of car, I would sneak in, perhaps move the car a little, or hide in the backseat until the guy came back and then proceed to scare the shit out of him.

8. Once moved out of an apartment (in Minnesota) within the space of 12 hours on a Frigid January day because my cunt of a roomate and I had a massive fight, which resulted in the authorities being called. She also arranged to have me fired from my job, short story. I still hate the bitch.

9. Said bitch also liked to leave her big pink dildo lying about the bathroom. Gross.

10. It's been a drought. Three years, six months, 11 days and counting since...

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Nicholas said...

Hmmmmm! A lot of those simply demand more detail!

Gosh! I never would have guessed there was a touch of the Anglophile about you!