Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ha ha....for some reason I decided to cruise the HMV website and look at the "NOW that's what I call music" CD compilations. I bought a few of them back when I was studying in the UK. Since then, they've started releasing them in the U.S., modified, of course, to what is topping the pop charts here.
They're up to the 60s now. Mine are high 30s and low 40s. I looked at what was on #67 and lo and behold - Manic Street Preachers. Holy cow. I haven't heard of them in a while. I have their CD "This is my truth, tell me yours" (another one I'd picked up in 1998). TEN FRIGGIN YEARS. Jesus. Oh my little Welshies. MSP...Catatonia...
I'm going to have to see if the iTunes U.S. store has the new MSP album. If not..hmmmm.....!


Tickersoid said...

It's a Blackwood thing.

Hey Lady said...

Some body over there: ADOPT ME! Get me a visa!