Friday, August 24, 2007

Day three of workshops

To say I am getting antsy, aggravated and a host of other expletive laden descriptors is...obvious.
We are required to apply for student teaching ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE. This should be ample time to place someone, one would think. I am also highly annoyed because I have heard of more than one city student getting stuck with driving to the 'burbs for their placement! What the hell? Do people not pay attention to our addresses? (IN fact, someone - an undergrad - got placed at Warren Township up here in Gurnee. Dude, they had better not be English, is all I'm saying, because as a graduate student *I* should get priority.)
*places face in hands*
I JUST want to get placed and get started. This not knowing is killing me. How am I supposed to plan?
Please, please, send some vibes towards my office and schools in my area. I need to get a good placement QUICKLY.