Saturday, January 05, 2008

WGA Strike

I will admit that I know next to nothing about all the the terms the WGA is striking for, but you know what? Those writers are entitled to receive money from THEIR WORK. Uh, HELLO? Their creativity, their thoughts, their writing, their ideas...someone is making money hand over fist with dvds and digital downloads, and it isn't them.

Jesus Christ, AMPTP, get your heads out of your collective asses and pony up the fucking money.

I want new television shows...chiefly "Life". Why? Because I lust after Damian Lewis and his crazy zen fruit-eating Charlie Crews. Until then, I shall have to watch the Forsyte Saga and loathe/pity Lewis' Soames Forsyte. Dude, he sounds like Rufus Sewell in his native accent. Mmmmm. British. Bangers n mash.

Oh, and Sully, I know about the return of Rose possibly being a bad move. Yes, she did go out perfectly. I suppose this goes along the lines of a Joss Whedon belief: sometimes you don't give the fans what they want, but what they need. Oh well, we shall see.

Hey, is there someplace one can make donations to the striking writers?


Nicholas said...

I see hat the Golden Globes may not be broadcast this year because all the actors who would normally take part refuse to cross the picket lines so no one will be there.