Thursday, January 03, 2008

New day thaaaaaank goodness

I never want to relive a day like yesterday. Period. End.
Of course, my car is going to have another expensive repair soon when I have to redo the back brakes. Note to self: start saving money for that NOW.
Goals (not resolutions) for This Year
  1. Move the hell out if I can. Preferably around May, but definitely no later than August. I need, for my own mental health at this point, to get back out on my own and away from my family. I need to work like crazy to get the cash to do it (seeing as how all the "extra" money I had just got wiped out by the damn car). I would love to live in Evanston, I think.
  2. Find a good school job - preferably somewhere that would be a nice short commute if I live in Evanston..!
  3. Get a better iPod. Seeing as how people are still gabbing on the phones like jackdaws on their personal phone calls at work!!!