Thursday, January 17, 2008

I admit it...

I'm conducting a "social experiment". A co-worker was talking today about a dating site one of her relatives used and the name just cracked me up: (as in "plenty of fish in the sea"). Completely free. Bonus.

I decided what the hell and did a profile.

I have talked to a couple normal people, but I'm a little perturbed by the number of skeevey 40-something men who have contacted me. AND, for god's sake, a freaking 53 y.o whose profile is for "intimate encounters" (aka slambamthankyouma'm). I'm sorry, BUT GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU SKEEZEY WEIRDO OLD DISGUSTING PERVERT! Hello, my profile says "looking for mr. normal" and that I am interested in "dating" (not casually hooking up with some gross-hairy-eared 53 y.o. who probably has too much Viagra and too many venereal diseases. I'm 30, but I feel like I'm 20. Sorry, but I question why older men feel the need to chase after skirts more than 10 years younger than them. I get that nasty "Peterson" vibe (you know, that former Plainfield cop who's most likely killed his last two younger wives). Are you looking to be a Svengali?

My profile also says I would rather have 27-36 y.o., too.

I am already knocking out people who
- obviously don't care about their appearance (thank you Mr. Caveman who a slobby caveman). As Buffy once said to the First Slayer "you really want to think about what image you're sending"
- can't spell worth shit, use excessive netspeak, or use proper English (for obvious reasons)
- guys who have pictures in their profiles featuring themselves...and some other chick. UH, HELLO?

My co-workers and I were laughing it up looking over some of these guys today. We'd click and go "NOOOOOO!" and exit on the bad ones.


Nicholas said...

Oh dear! Speaking as someone who will reach 53 a lot sooner than you will, I don't much enjoy your characterization of us! Is that what you really think?