Thursday, January 24, 2008

Social Experiment Update

So I went back online to

This is the last time I ever accept an IM from 1) someone who has not messaged (email) me to introduce themselves 2) someone from Waukegan 3) someone without picture.

Yeah, I'm a lesbian because I don't want to watch you wank off on your webcam so I can help YOU get "ready for work" at the hospital. Wow, you already sound like 1) a freak and 2) selfish. It's all about YOU-YOU-YOU.

Whatever you fucking freak. No picture means you're probably horribly fat, pockmarked, missing a few teeth (and have the one front tooth you do have gold-capped like the ghetto freak you are living in Waukegan). You probably rape your "patients" in the between when you're mopping the floors and emptying the pisspans because you're probably just the fuckwad janitor.