Sunday, January 27, 2008

One person's trash is another person's treasure

I MUST HAVE MARTIAN DNA. Because I am the mutant thinking liberal in my, at-times, infuriatingly right-wing nutjob Catholic-hoodoo ignoramus family.

I was showing my mom my tattoo since getting some of the color touched-up. She obviously doesn't think much of my getting an 8-10 inch tattoo. She asked huffily "what fable or legend is THAT supposed to be from?"

So I told her it was based off a tarot card (duuuh, the Strength card I mentioned earlier) and THEN she decides to freak. SPARE ME THE CATHOLIC HOLIER THAN THOU BULLSHIT, MOTHER, BECAUSE IT AIN'T WORKING ON ME.

She obviously thinks tarot is the devil or something. I immediately got pissed off at her reaction and told her she was completely ignorant of the tarot card if she thought that, and got treated to a "I know all about tarot!" Oh, bullshit, mother, BULLSHIT. You don't know the first fucking thing about it. Like most ignorant asses, she thinks it's a bunch of freaky witchcraft and devilry when it is NOTHING of the sort (and hey, witchcraft as far as true wiccans go is perfectly benign, too; they don't even believe in a "Devil" from what I've been told).

I was spluttering mad until I blurted out, "Yeah, and you believe some Jewish girl got knocked up and had a virgin birth?!"

No, I don't pull my punches, do I? Of course, she was affronted by that. And I told her, "See! Look at how some people's interpretation of one thing and...and...vice versa!" In other words, don't fucking piss on one person's hobby or belief system because yours can look utterly ridiculous taken from an outsiders viewpoint, too. That got through to her. I was like "Tarot isn't even a religion! Some people may view it as telling the future, but I don't!"

I look at it more as meditation and thinking outside the box.

Jesus-fucking-Christ and Knocked-up-Jewish-Chicks.

*rolls eyes*