Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Freaking New Year

My ears are still ringing.
No, not from noise makers. From the stupid fucking fire alarms. I've been up for about an hour already because the alarms just started blaring off in the house I'm watching.
I'm glad I slept with clothes on (wife beater and shorts). I shot out of bed and went running through the house, but there was NOTHING. No smoke, no scent, no flames....nada! Just the alarms...BLARING. LOUDLY.
I tried resetting them...tried pulling them. Couldn't figure out how to do that. Called the owners up in Texas at just before 6am.
Finally wound up calling non-emergency fire. "What's the address?" "OH, I don't know...! 1050...I'm RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOUR VISITOR'S ENTRANCE." (Which is true.)"
Two dudes - neither of them hot, where the fuck are the hot firemen? - show up. I open the door with a non-jovial "Happy New Year". "Not really," one of them says. "Yeah, that's what I thought," I said.
So the two guys start checking the alarms, the furnace, etc., etc., and arguing about the fire alarm models and how they work. I decide to sit with the dog, who's been remarkable sedate throughout the whole thing, just chilling on the couch. That dog would be useless in a real emergency. Maybe not. He licks everything, maybe he could lick a fire out. Who knows.
Long-short of it: electric thing must be fucked up in the alarm circuitry. Get an electrician. Yeah, I'll be right on that. Called the owners back and told them that.
Jesus. Now I am exhausted again. I was wired, obviously, while the alarms and omgamigonnagetblowedupwtfisgoingon?! feeling was upon me. I almost started crying on the phone because I felt like a complete nincompoop.
I can still hear the alarms in my ears. *moans* Goddamn.