Monday, January 28, 2008

Passive Agressive Bullshit

So, I went downstairs this morning, and there was this nice "Christian" article laying out titled "I used to be a psychic" until "my daughter told me I was endangering her baby with the occult". GIVE ME A GODDAMNED FUCKING BREAK.
That woman's idea of the tarot is WARPED is she ascribes that much power to it. And her daughter is a fucking kook as well. Please, these people call US superstitious? I'll tell you who the superstitious fucks are, and it isn't me!
Oh, I am so mad about this. This is passive aggressive bullshit. My mother is a right-wing nutter. Officially.
I was so mad this morning coming in to work that I was almost crying. I need OUT of this house and SOON. I need to get my own place. Please, let something happen where I will get a windfall of money and find a nice affordable clean and safe apartment where I can live in PEACE without all this fucking idiotic Catholicism.
I'm going to go fucking crazy if I don't get out, and I'm seriously not exaggerating.