Sunday, January 06, 2008

Inauspicious (?)

As I mentioned a couple days ago, the office supervisor is not looking too receptive to my possible going part-time, were I to be offered this part-time teaching position at the richie-rich school district.

Obviously, I think she's being a retard, but that's beside the point. I'm not overly angry or even, really, disturbed by it. What will be, will be. I'm going to be out of there eventually, whether it's three weeks from now or come August.

It goes without saying that getting that job at the school would be fantastic and great to put on my resume. I've got more than one person telling me the hell with the office and take it if I've been offered it, but financially, my hands are tied up.

I just can't see how I can afford to take the school job (which would pay out somewhere around $13,500) as it is only part-time and would be done by June. What do I do after June? Get a temp job at crap pay and no benefits until I - HOPEFULLY - secure full time employment again in August? I don't even know if I would be eligible for benefits at the school as a PTer. Add in to the mix that I took out a small loan from my SRP fund at work and if I leave prior to its being paid off via the weekly deduction from my pay check, then I have to pay in one lump sum immediately upon termination of my employment. That's around $800 at this point. After the $1500 fiasco with my car, I just can't afford that.

And regardless of what anyone else thinks about this, I got some pretty significant SLOW DOWN! signs from a tarot spread I just did. Shit, I had all these reversed cards that were just saying one thing over and over - this is NOT the time to leap off into the financial unknown and I need to wait for a better opportunity.

If I weren't so financially run down from the whole student teaching period...c'est la vie. It sucks, but I think I'll live. Besides which, I really REALLY REALLY want to get an apartment by August. There's no way in hell I can do that if I can't get the equivalent of a full-time paycheck between school and work. I just can't. I think I'm going to have to be cautious at this time.

I'll look at the interview tomorrow as a learning experience, and maybe see if they need summer help or if there's some other way I can get involved. Tutoring?