Thursday, May 31, 2007

Things that annoy me

I fucking HATE (HATE HATE HATEx infinity) when people
(especially guys, they seem to be prone to doing this)
SNORT IN when they have colds. That fucking gross "I'm
sucking snot and mucus back up into my nasal passages
and consequently, my throat as post-nasal drop" sound.
*shudders* There's this idiot fucking guy behind me

Everyone heard about that guy who has XDR TB and who
FLEW trans-Atlantic even after he found out? He was
"scared for his life"? Well, YEAH DUMBASS, even if you
didn't know you had the XDR version of tuberculosis,
what the FUCK were you thinking getting on an airline
putting thousands of people at risk?! What a fucking
asshole. For a lawyer (they've ID'd the guy), he sure
is a goddamn idiot. Seriously, if I were sitting next
to him, I'd sue his ass for all the doctor's charges
I'd be incurring as a result of having to be regularly
tested for TB...


Tickersoid said...

Your life, is just one long rollercoaster of sunshine and love isn't it?

Hey Lady said...

Far be it from me to blow sunshine up the asses of the unwilling.