Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Home still from work today. Honestly, I'm getting
bored out of my mind and would rather be at work.

I managed to get in to a doctor yesterday. I went to a
new one (the last regular care doctor was a complete
incompetent bitch). I went to the office at 8am in
hopes they had walk-in hours. No luck. As a new
patient, they were able to find me an open appointment
at 2:30pm. That pretty much killed any misguided ideas
I had of going to class last night. Went back home and
puttered around before taking a nap.

The littlest thing - watering the patio garden pots
for instance - was just exhausting.

Got up and went back to the doctor's for the 2:30. Sat
and waited for half an hour until I got taken in. I
HATE THAT. Why do doctors have you come in at a
certain time when they damn well know they're going to
make you sit for at least 15 minutes or more?! It
pisses me off.

I was coughing when the doctor finally walked in to my
room. He was like "Oh, I can hear that
already...impressive..." Great. So prescribe some
drugs and get me out of here!

Have azythromyocin - same stuff I got when I had my
bronchitis earlier this year. And something else to
quiet the cough (non-narcotic), although I really
don't think whatever-it-is is helping. Still coughing
quite loudly and phlegm-ily. I just hope the
antibiotic does its job and kicks in soon. Had
yesterday's loading dose and today's. I have had
enough of farting about listlessly at home. Although I
have to say, reading about six books since Saturday
has got to be something of a feat. Horatio Hornblower
and Cadfael books up the wazoo.

At least my upper ribs aren't tickling me like they
were the past two days. God, I hate that feeling. I
wanted to claw out my chest and ribs to get rid of
that feeling!