Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Little fucker!

Reason eleventy-thousand why I dislike dogs!:

They BITE! For no damn reason!

The neighbors have two little muppet (Shih Tzu?) dogs.
The one they've had the longest is Gizmo and he's just
MEAN. He's got a serious jones for me and I don't know
why. He barks all the damn time at everything. Very
territorial, and now I know, very aggressive. The
other little (new) one is Coco and he's a doll, but
I'm worried he may follow the other's lead.

So, I was outside in the front walkway trimming the
bushes. Neighbor dude is taking the dogs out for a
walk. Gizmo seems to have been getting better at least
about not barking so much in regards to me. Dude and I
exchange the usual pleasantries as he starts walking
by. Coco stopped to sniff at some of the branches I'd
trimmed; I turned to look at him - not abruptly, just
normally. Gizmo, the little shit, was already passed
me but lunged back and fucking nipped me in the calf!
It was so quick and I hardly saw him do it. I wasn't
even sure if he'd clawed me first or if it was his
teeth. Well, it was his teeth. Little fucker. The
neighbor was horrified and scared shitless.

Weird little bite. Bled, but not too much. It's more
like he caused subcutaneous bleeding instead of
outright bleeding. It looks like a bruise. Dogs shots
are up to date - I trust that, but damn. What the fuck
have I ever done to the little beast!

Seriously, if that had been a larger breed dog, I
would have reported it. It's one thing to get nipped
by a little ankle-biter-sized mutt; it's quite another
to get bitten by something that could go for your
throat next. I suppose if the little shit ever does it
again, I'll just punt him into the street (I seriously
could, he's that little).

Goddamn fucking dogs. Nasty brutes.


Tickersoid said...

I hate little dogs. My daughters poodles would bark at me if I left the room then came back in. Stoopid Feckers.

By the time they eventually left my house was destroyed by claw marks and the depressing smell of poodle piss. Still working on getting things back to normal.

Broncial problems followed by a dog bite. Nice.