Friday, June 01, 2007

Eye Candy

I am over my mango lassi crush (no doubt largely due
to the fact that his going to work while coughing up
his lungs resulted in my sinusitis).

Next crush: Ioan Gruffudd.

MMmmmmmMMMM. He is more Wesley Wyndham-Price than
Wesley Wyndham-Price.

I watched the popcorniest of comic flicks - Fantastic
Four - for him. And then I went through the special
features just to hear him talk.

I MISS Welsh accents. People with Welsh accents always
seem to sound like they're singing while they're
talking. Lovely.


Tickersoid said...

More buff than Buffy.

It's not all Burton and Hopkins over here. Some Welsh accents sound more amusing than seductive.

Hey Lady said...

True. Like the boys in Twin Town?

Tickersoid said...


We love that film over here. It's very much what we're all about.
Karaoke, drugs and joyriding.

Everyone loves the sound of their own voice. Even the villains have to deliver a long empassioned speach when a simple threat would do.