Thursday, May 17, 2007

Found my outfit for going out!

So my sexy bday outfit bitches. I just got this tonight at the mall for Saturday's festivities. I feel very Espana-esque in this: perfect for a night of drinking sangria and eating tapas at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! in Chicago. I just gotta get that skirt hemmed in. It's too wide at the sides, so it pooches out in the front. I tried to get it hemmed at the mall's tailoring place, but no can do. They're stuffed with stupid prom dresses, damnit! I'm hoping a tailor at a cleaner's by me can do it - the high school right by me already had prom, so hopefully that won't be an issue.

I'm probably going to pay out the nose for a same-day job, but this skirt is a MUST.


And my espadrilles with red ribbons are going to kick so much ass.

I want five men to ask me out for random meaningless one night flings so I can turn down every single one of them. Why? Because I can!


Lippy said...

You look great!

Tickersoid said...

Looks very good. Is there a reason why you've cut your own head off?

"You doing anything tomorrow?...."

Hey Lady said...

Thank you. No particular reason for the beheading other than I couldn't seem to angle the shot correctly. If I could get my head in, I couldn't get the skirt, OR my phone would've been obstructing my face anyway.