Friday, March 09, 2007

What do I want?

Well, my continued wishes for a speedy recovery to me mum.

As for what I want for my birthday: egads. It's still a couple months away! But if you're seriously asking, I'll have to think. Something good and British to make me "second-home-sick".

What do I want long term? I would love to get a teaching job.

Let me explain. English teachers are a "dime a dozen", apparently, around here. This makes me worried. I was talking with a classmate and one of her friends got told exactly that by a school she was trying to apply to. Too many English teachers around here, not enough jobs. One of my good friends pretty much got offered a job in Arizona for after she graduates. A recruiter was here at a job fair and she met up with the guy (formerly from Chicago area). Whereas we have too many English teachers here, Arizona doesn't have enough. (That, and the population is increasing there.)

Granted, I will also have accreditation in history and probably political science/government, but I'm worried.

I've often thought about doing a teacher-exchange once I get certified and have taught a couple years here. I know there are programs to do that. It's just becoming more and more of a "I really want to do this". I should do some research. A, do you know of any programs that do teacher exchanges, by any chance?