Saturday, March 03, 2007

A pretty good day - yoga, yarn and tea (with a side order of cute pizza boys)

I was feeling pretty cranky and for no good reason
today. That said, I felt so much better after
attending this yoga workshop today. I went with my
friend, Anne (who is in my grad program).

It was called "Learning to Fly" and it was to learn
the proper techniques to do arm balances, inversions,
etc. TWO HOURS. God, I was dying, but it was fun.

FLOOR. Seriously, at that point, it's all over.
Whether you're a size zero or a size 12, your ass is
the heaviest part of your body.

I still suck at crow pose - I just can't hitch my legs
up on my arms quite right. HOWEVER, I did get off the
floor just a smidgen longer than I have before: yeah,

And I can't remember the name of the pose (it was
given in Sanskrit and I sorta don't know that), but I
was so surprised that of all of the ones I was
learning, it was the one I came closest to doing. You
start off in a lunge, then dive one arm under the
lunging leg (let's say left in this example, since
it's my best side).

So, you have your left arm under your left lunging leg
(knee bent). Both your palms have to be flat on the
ground, at the same level as your feet.

Scooch your right leg forward, so that the knee is
bent and it's pretty much right under you.

Carefully lift the left leg so it's pointing out,
ABOVE your left arm and LEAN FORWARD (remembering that
you want to follow RULE #1).

Bring your right foot off the ground and trrrrry and
hold the position. I was able to hold for about two
seconds. Eventually, you'll throw that right leg back
up in the air behind you. (one leg forward the other

And then you obviously switch and do the other side.

Class was so fun! People were laughing and having a
good time. It was great to be able to focus on the
hand stands and learning the proper way to do them.
MUY excelente.

And then Anne and I met up with Kristi at Bill's Pub
afterwards. Anne had wine, Kristi had beer and I had a
fucking clear "Long Island". I saw it and was like
"Shit! Give me a diet Coke to color this up with!" We
proceeded to get a little happy and have really
raunchy conversations. God, we're worse than guys. We
wound up talking about having uneven boobs.

We've determined that amongst the three of us, all of
our left boobs are slightly larger. Why is the left
side? Is it because we're right handed? Eh? We want to
do a poll now.

SO, girls on my flist: which is bigger? Right or left?
And is it the opposite of your dominant hand?

Boob sizing aside, we were also casting inappropriate
looks at our server. Cute boy. Operative word: boy. I
was like "he's a fucking kid!" Anne, however, made the
excellent point that if he was serving us alcohol, he
had to be at least 21.

Still, that's like "3" in boy years. Especially when
you're comparing with Anne (mid twenties), me (29) and
Kristi (35, although I swear she doesn't look a day
over 30, I keep telling her she's an absolute liar to
tell me she's 35). The boy's name was "Joey". Baby

You know the saying: Young, dumb and full of...

Joey. Little Joey. Mmm. He had a slight lisp, which
Anne thought was cute. *snort* We were giggling or
outright cackling. He had to know we were eyeing him.

Seriously, bad bad bad.

But a damn fine night.

OH -shoutout to "Lippy"! AND I HAVE YORKSHIRE TEA! I
went to Long Grove today - putting the "tourist trap"
in overly Quaint Lake County. I went to see the yarn
store - OMG, GORGEOUS but expensive yarns. They had
the most unbelieveable deep shade of green yarn that
was hand dyed. It was like deep, deep emeralds (not
bluey at all). I lusted over it. The color of envy.
Greener than Green River.

But back to Yorkshire tea: next to the yarn store was
a store for British goods. Looks more like it should
be going out of business - they need to restock for
crying out loud. I wasn't going to buy anything, but
then I saw the Yorkshire tea and also some black
currant jam. Yummy.

And with that, I shall bid you all a tickled

P.S. My cat Buddha needs to come to yoga class with
me. He always does the best down "dogs" and up "dogs".
I should call them down "cats" and up "cats" from now on...