Friday, January 05, 2007

We've Got To Get Up and Organize

So, I just went to CNN and saw this tasty headline:
"Ex-Joint Chiefs of chairman: Military ready for

I'm not even going to bother to read that. My first
reaction from that headline was "OH, gee, NOW they're
ready for THE GAYS(!) because they're running out of
people for suicide/car bomb fodder in Iraq."

Not that I'm cynical or anything. Obviously.


And the other DUH headline: "FBI: Workers saw prisoner
abuse at [Gitmo]." Well, DUH.

In non stupid world news, I made myself a schedule. I
suppose this could be a resolution of sorts. I need to
be more organized. I need to GET TO BED at a decent
time from now on. I would like to get up early and
work out at the gym BEFORE work so I can do other
things (like homework) afterwards. I almost feel
really dorky for making this schedule, but I want to
give it an honest try for a couple of weeks and see if
I can do it.

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Lippy said...

I'm running 3 diaries at the moment and it's driving me mental! Trying to work out where C , me and TB will be at any given time. Particularly now TB is working on the other side of the country all week is a bloody nightmare.

Off for first round of looking at new houses on Friday - wish me luck!