Monday, January 08, 2007

Hooray for Me

Today is my last day in the "old job". Tomorrow I embark upon a non-admin assistant job! Now I'm nervous and hope I don't fuck it up.
Jaw is better today. No one yet has taken up on my offer to see my gross teeth. Wussies.
Speaking of the "organization" '07, I went to bed last night just after 9pm. That was difficult. Had to remind myself to turn off the damn tv, don't grab a book, and turn out the stinking light. Seriously. I didn't feel like I was going to get much sleep, but I must have. I woke up on time with my alarm this morning at 4:50am. I had my bags and clothes laid out and was out the door by 5:10am to get to the gym. The place was already busy; they must have opened a little before their stated time of 5:30. Still wasn't as busy as it gets after work hours. Hustled onto an elliptical trainer and got my workout done by 5:59. Schweet. Got ready and went to work. It was weird, but not unpleasant to be awake and fully about by 6:50am. Very little traffic, no fuss! Got to work by about 7:20am. Actually cold today, too! I wonder if we'll get snow again this season. Watch it, we'll probably get dumped on in April.
Well, today I give myself an "A" for staying on schedule. And yesterday, too. I went to yoga at 4:30 and felt the best I had since before the dentist. The real test of the schedule will probably be getting to bed tonight and getting up tomorrow. I'm for shit at getting to sleep when I'm starting a new job AND a semester. Usually get too nervous to sleep. NOT TONIGHT! TONIGHT I MUST SLEEP! (I'm hoping the fact that I got up before the asscrack of dawn today will help me fall asleep at 9pm tonight.)
Must get back to work. Frantically trying to finish some things today.
Present watch: already got one farewell gift. I think there are others. Wheeheee.