Monday, January 08, 2007

Well, that sucks...

So today was my last day in the admin gig. I started
to freak out a little towards the end. I'm going to
miss a lot of the people, just not the job y'know?

I dropped off one box of my stuff at the new digs:
bleeeh! Utterly no privacy! That's going to bite. My
group is my manager (who shall be christened
"Eyebrows"), and
three other people. We're all in one interior room -
so no windows. Ugh. No natural lighting.

No cubicles, no privacy. I have my back
guessed it, my manager. Who can see straight onto my
computer screen.

No Yahoo email, no iTunes...certainly no LJ! Totally
sucks. It's going to be an interesting eight months to
say the least.Link

I just hope I can say that it sucks, and not ME. I
want to do a good job.

In other news: I got a freaking letter from Trinity College
! I saw the UK postage and thought it
was my Mum, but then noticed the postmark said
Carmarthen and thought that very strange. It's an
alumni letter! They're trying to start an alumni
association for all the Americans that have gone
through the college (my undergrad had an exchange
program with this school). FANTASTIC! I hate my
undergrad, but dude, Trinity College was the best
fucking semester of my LIFE. I wish I'd stayed an
entire year. I am so going to reply.

And now, I already have. That poor chick who sent the letter is going to be like
WHO IS this yappy person!