Monday, January 15, 2007


So, last week was the first week of my "organization" experiment. I put together a schedule for the week and tried to adhere to it.
I did pretty well, but already went through an adjustment. By Friday, I was zonked. I tried to get up early that day to do the gym before work, but I was actually dizzy when I tried to get up. I decided then and there that I'd better sleep the extra hour! Besides which, I probably needed a no-exercise day at that point.
To recap:
Monday (early) gym
Tuesday class in the evening
Wednesday - yoga pm
Thursday (early) gym / homework evening
Friday - rest
Saturday - was going to get up and do early yoga, but couldn't because I had trouble falling asleep Friday night. went to yoga in the afternoon instead.
Sunday - oops, didn't exercise, it was Bears playoff game!
And today I got up bright and early again to hit the gym! (And also escaped some nasty traffic because of the snow I bet.)


Lippy said...

I am so impressed.

My exercising out is limited (due to absent working away husband) but so far I'm managing - yoga tape every morning (1 hour)
tap class Tuesday night
Belly dance class Friday night

C wins - she has 6 (read em and weep) dance classes a week at the moment. And a flute lesson, and speech and drama. The child is mad. And I'm equally mad for taking her there!

Queen said...

I can't BELIEVE all the stuff C does. That is CRAZY.