Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First Class

So, history class is going to be a lot of reading. BUT
MAN, do I have to say this: goddamn fucking
undergrads! (GFU, henceforth)

I know it's elitist and snobby, but it's fucking true.
Fucking undergrads are so babyish and "oh my god! what
about this? what about that? how can I get this done!"
*rolls eyes*

Seriously, once you get to graduate level, it's like
you're looking at babies who don't even know how to
shit in their diapers. People, fucking grow up. This
one chick KEPT ASKING QUESTIONS - dumb ones (I am not
one of those people who ascribe to the "there are no
stupid questions", because HELLO THERE ARE) - and then
it was about stuff the professor was going to cover if
she would have just held on to her britches for like
five minues.

Class is packed, too. I just want to survive it, get
it done and get my history endorsement.

Now I gotta print out a shitload of documents from our
library reserves. Come on Organization 07, baby, don't
fail me now. I mean to keep up and straight on my shit
this semester.


Lippy said...

I felt like that at law school - the difference between those who were new graduates and those who had been out at work for a couple of years and come back was a gulf that was never mended. As you say they are just so fucking irritating!