Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cookery and other things

I made another batch of Moro Blood Orange Marmalade
today. Today, however, I threw in a few glurgs of

Now, I christen thee "Moro Blood Orange Tequila
Sunrise Marmalade"!

I watched the final part of Masterpiece Theatre's Jane
Eyre production while doing it. Holy fuck, did they
massively edit the book. Things are so glossed over -
anyone who hadn't read the book would have NO fucking
clue how people got from point A to point B. They
don't even explain where the hell St. John is at the
end, either!

AAAAAND..I still don't get how St. John is pronounced
"Sin-jin"? Oh, those crazy English. I mean, yes, I
know it's supposed to be pronounced that way (and it
kinda sexes the name up), but...WHY?