Monday, April 30, 2007

Update on Pretty Bird Woman House (Women's Shelter in Need)

Pretty Bird Woman House is still receiving funds, but could definitely use MORE. Have hit the halfway mark of the goal. To recap, Pretty Bird Woman House is a domestic violence shelter on a Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. It serves a horribly underfunded area and is in need of assistance or it WILL CLOSE.

To read more about the start of this, go to diary at Daily Kos.

If you can't donate now, what about volunteering your time? Can you do grant writing? Offer website services for the shelter? Donations are great, but they need help becoming more self-sufficient as well. Or even - - post a link to these diaries and put a Chip In counter on your blog and spread the word. You can make your own Chip In counter by clicking on the one in this blog.

And guess what - funds have already helped save one woman. Without the donations, the shelter would not have been able to help this newest person: I just got off the phone with Georgia Little Shield, Director and Advocate at the Pretty Bird Woman House. Over the weekend, the shelter received a call from a woman who needed to be evacuated. If this had happened on Thursday, the shelter would not have been able to do much more than take the call. But because of your efforts, Georgia was able to tell this woman: "Don't worry about the money--we have money coming. Just get out and come in."

You did this. You made this possible.


alyrenee said...

HEY! I am have been off the radar for awhile. Did I tell you I severed my achilles the day after we saw superman! It sucked. I had surgery and pain...then tons of work craziness. Sigh. But we should get together! I am doing a midnight spiderman in the city if you care to join this thursday...toerhwsie shoot me an email.

Betsy Campisi said...

Re: Pretty Bird Woman House

I started a fundraising blog to help them raise money for a new house. Theirs was so vandalized that they had to move out.

here's the url for the whole story and a bunch of links