Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thanks everyone

The time to submit an entry to the Carnival has passed! I am a busy bee getting the post compiled. And I am also sweating, trying to clean up around the house. Ugh.

Random Thing: My cucumbers are growing prolifically incognito! Holy crap! I turned aside the vines (which are so Mr. Grabby-Hands, latching on to whatever is in their way), and discovered one, two, THREE fat little cucumbers! I practically shrieked. Little dudes are prickly, too.

I ate one yesterday sliced, with a sprinkling of salt. Deeeeeelicious! There is something to be said for eating a vegetable which you yourself plucked from the vine five minutes ago!

Now if only more of my tomato plants were thriving. I'm getting disappointing results...


Tickersoid said...


I've just spent the weekend at a boho' house on the Severn esturary eating fresh game and veg'. Can't beat that just picked taste.