Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Right now

I think I detest my job today. Some person comes in here asking about something I (supposedly) sent "a while ago" and if I remember it.
Well, gee, how long ago is "a while ago"? They say, a few weeks.
Ok, in the course of a day, how many emails do you think I send out? The answer is probably HUNDREDS. SO, NO, I DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO RECALL ONE PIDDLING INSIGNIFICANT EMAIL YOU CAN'T GIVE ME ANY DETAILS ABOUT FROM A FEW WEEKS AGO.
JESUS. People are stupid.
Add to that the fact that one of my co-workers just annoys the goddamn bejesus out of me with her warbly fucking music. It's like the worst light station you can image: Michael Bolton and tons of Celine Dion screeching their way about tortured love. I have to blast out my eardrums with my iPod so I don't have to hear that shit. *shudders*
And she also spends half the morning coughing because she has nasal drip or something.
I need out of this place. I am SO GLAD I will be student teaching in a month. I mean, I'm not relishing the huge drop in my (non-existant) paycheck, but working part-time means I WILL NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH WARBLY MUSIC, POST-NASAL DRIP NOISES or STUPID QUESTIONS FOR A WHOLE BLESSED THREE 1/2 MONTHS! Yay for evening/weekend hours!
And with THAT rage, I am going to leave to get some fresh air before I spontaneously combust.


Tickersoid said...

Take in a deep breath.
Think of your calm place.
Count to ten.

Did you know the liver of old dogs is poisonous to humans and virtually undetectable? Does your annoying co-worker like home made soup?

Hey Lady said...

Eww. Really? And how exactly is it that you know this???

I'm thinking I need to go straight home after work, find a patch of grass that isn't burnt brown, and sit zazen for a few!

LJP said...

Michael Bolton. Torture. That's enough to send anyone over the edge!