Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's Friends of Kilroy Carnival Time!!


Welcome! Welcome! Step right up and take a hop on the fun ride! It's Kilroy Carnival Time!

Thanks to all for submitting entries and I hope everyone enjoys reading! Without further ado:

LJP's blog "SAVESAVESAVE" (sounds like what I do while writing term papers) is described as being full of "Amusing shopping adventures, holiday stories, my ebay successes and disasters".

We have a poetess, Sara, who submitted her entry in poem-form practically. I think I'll just put in what she typed!
(1) Sara
(2) The Shores of My Dreams
(3) Twisted
(4) Drift into the corners of mind and see the unseen. Read my soul in my poetry
(5) She Writes Poetry

Miss Lucky Mommy describes her blog, Mr. Wonderful Does it Again, as "very crass, in your face, cut throat response to the day to day trials of domestic partnership and the joy of motherhood." I'm itching to read it it now!! Go check out her post And they're off!
Deb over at Girls Want Porn (does that perk you up yet?) has poetry, musings and other things that girls really think about. Check out What's A Beautiful Body Cost?

Marion talks about Respect in the Garden in her blog, The Herbal Connection: "I’m just another traveler on the road of Life. I write about some of my experiences, musings, and everyday miracles on my blog."

Tickers' "He's Got to Be a Bit Gay", is the mostly, upbeat thoughts and
experiences of a middle aged Anglo/Scottish, steelworker, living in the South Wales
valleys. My apparent Englishness is probably enough to have me perceved
as a bit gay, around here. Check out his Village Idiot post.

Mistress Regina snaps the whip over at Tales of Ladies, Goddesses and Bitches, an erotica blog that encourages free expression; working writers, aspiring writers and those who write for fun are welcomed. Prudes are dismissed. Get to it and read The Chosen One.

Jeremy Wilcox continues to expose the naked Emperor Chimp over at Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin in his entry "Our Long National Nightmare of Peace".

Anthony over at The Lives and Times is the story of a person who has stepped to the edge and decided that life is worth living. Exploring the lives and times of a 90-year-old man a bit past the midway point in the journey. Check out what's currently showing in the gallery!

Madeleine Begun Kane gives us twice the fun with a "motor boarding" post at Mad Kane's Humor Blog and a GOP Piety Parody Song (love it already) at Mad Kane's Political Madness blog.

Mother of Invention's Spilling Out is "all my thoughts, inner and outer, on just about anything! Poetry, short stories, anecdotes about teaching,music, cats,relationships. A garage sale, something for everyone!" Check out Look To Our Inukshuks.

Sheila throws in the Alabama Kitchen Sink and says "I'm With You Mary". She was in Alabama, but now Missouri. She writes about politics, family, media, art and anything else she damned well wants to. She claims not to have mastered the brief thing, yet. >:)

Brian submits poetry from his Brief Poetry blog.

Shakir Hasnain gives us a triple play with The Late Contortionist, Pericardial Art and then I Have Ceased to Exist (only metaphorically, since the blogging is quite prolific!).

A mysterious entry from "Tea" is found at secret fantasy.

And last but certainly not least, we have The Wandering Author submitting "Hubris" from his collection of fiction, random thoughts and the occasional poem.

I neglected to put in the sponsor: Frequently For Your Success is the Sponsor of the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series. Check out Finding and Maintaining Balance in Life.


Kilroy_60 said...

Thanks much to Hey Lady for the great job hosting the carnival! This is really well put together.

Looking forward to getting 'round to read the posts from all the friends. I hope all the readers will do the same.

Will also have a promo post up at The Gonzo Papers and encourage those who submitted posts to point a link here was well.


crimsonflaw said...

well done queen of pentacles...i like the matter of factness about this carnival honour and a pleasure being part of it.

Mother of Invention said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this! There is so much good stuff out there and not enough time to read it all!

Tickersoid said...

I see how this is going down. I don't have any links.

Hey Lady said...

Thanks all. Tickersoid, what? The link to your post is working as far as I can tell - it's in the words "Village Idiot".

BlueDuck said...

Great job!

Tickersoid said...

You're right. The contrast in colour is so slight I didn't notice.

Sheila said...

Thanks for hosting the carnival. Nice job.