Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank you to the Universe

I was looking at a pretty dire week, financially. My confirmation payment for fall student teaching was due today. That would be at least $340. I called up to check on my account, hoping that I had received a Merit Tuition Waiver.
SCORE. I DID, but the exciting part? I got it for 6 credit hours, not just the 3 I was hoping for! So for a bill that was originally about $1200, I only have an outstanding balance of $246! The chick on the phone was like "do you want to confirm?" Well, DUH.
And this is when the school (and its generally stupid employees) reverted back to stupid form. The chick was saying that I didn't HAVE to make a payment because the waiver counts towards that confirmation. So fine, yes, I am confirming I am still planning to attend. "Well, I can't do that over the phone if you aren't going to make a payment."
So, basically, because I'm not making a payment (that I don't even in this case HAVE to make), I would have to DRIVE DOWN TO SCHOOL (AN HOUR, MIND YOU), just to say to someone's face "I confirm my attendance"! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! You would think it would be in the reverse that my presence would be demanded.
Fucking stOOpid.