Monday, June 04, 2007

Bike seats...or dildos (Well, apparently if you're crafty it's one and the same!)

You know, some of these bike seats look like they could double as toys. I mean...seriously! Look at them!

But at least this was an informative article about bike seats: Bicycle Seats Explained @ Jim Langley.

OH, and Terry Bicycles: I love the "cutout to reduce pressure on soft tissues" - YEAH.

See comments by Tick for some truly enterprising individuals (NSFW to the EXTREEEME).


Tickersoid said...

Spooky, I've just come out of Jungle Janes blog. Whilst there, I found a comment which directed me to this scientific miricle.

Tickersoid said...

So much reseach goes into bicycle mechanics. You'd think they'd put a bit more into the saddle, by taking someting out.

I love the cut out for your 'cheese burger' idea.

In practice, soft, sprung and wide works for me, with a more upright riding position. This is safer and more practical in traffic.

Hey Lady said...

Oh dear GOD. I am so glad I didn't click on that Jungle Jane link until I got home!!

Hey Lady said...

*cracks up* OH GOD. Now I clicked on the "scientific miracle". Dude, you need a mounting block (no pun intended) to get up on that thing! I suppose you'd have to have an "easy access" panel in your shorts as well. Can't go bike riding naked all over creation. I would hate to think what would happen if you took a nasty spill whilst "engaged". Yerg! Although she DOES seem to be enjoying herself...