Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Another Gonzo Blog Carnival! "Friends of Kilroy"

Forget the once-a-year pre-Lenten Carnvial season. We go year 'round here. It's another Gonzo Blog Carnival: "Friends of Kilroy". Or perhaps it might be Two Degrees of Separation? This time I am hosting! Want to see an overview of previous carnivals? Then go here.

The rules will be straight forward:
-----(-)-> Posts will be accepted from blogs that have link exchanges with The Gonzo Papers or that are linked directly to someone with a link exchange (SUCH AS ME!)
-----(-)-> One post per blog; however many blogs you have.
-----(-)-> Only English language posts will be accepted

CLARIFICATION: Entries accepted until 11:59pm 30 June 2007. Carnival will post on 2 July 2007. So get your posts in! I would love to see some entries from Lippy and Tickersoid, in particular!

Email your entries to queen_of_pentacles [AT] SBCGLOBAL [DOT] NET . Please have your subject line be CARNIVAL. Entries should include (1) your name as you'd like it to appear, (2) name of your blog, (3) the title of your post, (4) BRIEF description of your blog (no more than three lines please), and (5) last but not least, the URL to link to your post.


Kilroy_60 said...

Thank you very much, my friend. I appreciate you hosting this one. Putting your neck on the line for me and all. 8-) I hope friends of Kilroy keep you busy!

I should be back in touch tomorrow; I'll send along a banner you can add to this post as well.

Will be in touch.


Tickersoid said...

I think I'll have to read this again when my eyes aren't stuck together. I have trouble following simple instructions at the best of times.

*wanders off for a bowl of cornflakes*

Lippy said...

So the actual subject matter of the post could be anything?

Hey Lady said...

Lippy - YES.

Gledwood said...

Hi are you into Tarot cardies then? The Queen of Money ... hoooohh!! What a random blog you're keeping here ... I do a blog too but it's not quite as random as yours. I keep my randomness separate on youtube screens on a video blog but I won't bore you with all that ... just thought I'd say hi while I'm here... followed a comment at mine, hoppety hop via this to that and ended up here ... all the best to you
ps come to mine: gledwood2.blogspot you're most welcome

Anthony said...

You're, of course, welcome to visit me as well. Somehow that invitation seems funny to me.

Look forward to the carnival. Still working on picking out a post.

For now, though, for some reason I'm being drawn to the frig. I think it's Cherry Garcia calling!

Hey Lady said...

G-wood: Yes, I am into tarot cards. I have four decks. Not a lot, as I'm picky about what decks I buy. I wish I were the "Queen of Money"!

You're also not the first person to call me "random"! Ha! Welcome and thanks for posting.

Hi Anthony.

Mother of Invention said...

Hope you got mine as I am challengd with following simple instructions just like Tickersoid!

Do we come here to view them or the link list?

Hey Lady said...

MOI - there will be a new post that has all the entries! :)