Friday, June 15, 2007

At work alone

I'm alone at work today (except for my boss). Everyone else is either ill, has a child ill, or is just slagging off.
I suppose I could fart to my heart's content in here until my boss comes back...


Kilroy_60 said...

Hate it, hate it, when life interferes with keeping in touch with my friends here.

It seems to me you have sent me email before, but I'm not finding it. 8-( Maybe you can drop a link in my box sometime instead of just writing in these boxes?

I'm interested in having a Friends of Kilroy carnival on the first. Wondering what your thought would be about hosting it for me.

My compliments, the posts have been great of late. I'm going to be writing comments again soon. I have a few things to get wrapped up. In fact, I'm going to do another comment-related experiment. So you may see more of me that you'd like. ;-)

The afghan, by the way, is beautiful.


Tickersoid said...

Fart anyway, there's nothing like wallowing in your own shit flavoured air to make the day go faster.