Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes, but who's paying?

Yeah. See, the GOP is all about saving money when it's THEIR money. When it's money to be spent on advancing them, then it's SPEND SPEND SPEND.
Normally, if our country weren't crashing into the next Great Depression, I'd be all for a special election. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? When IL is one of 43 states facing severe budget shortfalls, somehow, spending $12 million to elect a Senator chaps my fucking hide! And of course, the Goopers are already spending money on ad campaigns to "pressure Dems for a special election". There you go: your Goopers spending our money once again.
I'm willing to let slide and have Quinn appoint someone as an interim Senator because WE DO NOT HAVE TWELVE MILLLLLLLLLION.
<i>The GOP also plans to run television ads pressuring Democrats to approve a special election to replace Obama. Blagojevich still holds the power to appoint a new senator, and if he resigned, that power would go to Democratic Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn.

Illinois Republican Party chairman Andy McKenna told reporters the ads will "make the point that this is the people's seat, and the people deserve a special election."</i>