Sunday, December 21, 2008


The wind chill makes it feel like it is NEGATIVE 30F!!! Are you fucking kidding me? It's -4F without the bloody wind chill.
I think this effectively settles the question of my leaving the place to go to the gym. I would have to walk at least half a mile in this to the Addison stop and wait for the train. In that time, my face will probably want to fall off. It's Rodney Yee yoga video time here.
I also have leftover chicken noodle soup. NO NEED TO GO OUT. I had thought about venturing outside to do a little more shopping, but HELL NO.
I still don't know what my plans are for tomorrow. I should take the train to work, but...I need to pick up some more stuff from home. In order to do that, I would have to drive. Ugh. If I want to drive, I'm gonna have to leave real early. Well, maybe not, I'm sure the drive will be light - most people will have taken off work Mon already.
Oh great. And the high tomorrow is supposed to be 10F. Again, the windchill will knock that back to -4F.