Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Am....Mrs. Brian Roberts

You see, Mrs. Brian Roberts is my "take-no-prisoners" alter ego*.
Mrs. Brian Roberts gets a meeting invitation for FOUR PM. ON A FREAKING FRIDAY. Looks at it, and says who the fuck do you think you are? And then hits DECLINE.
Four pm. On a FRIDAY. During the HOLIDAY SEASON. You must be out of your goddamned fucking mind.
ERRRRP! Thanks for playing! Here's a year's supply of a dog food as a parting gift.
*For some stupid reason, when I punch in my telephone number to bring up my club card at Dominick's, it's under "Brian Roberts". WTF? So the cashiers look at the receipt and say "Thank you for shopping at Dominick's Mrs. Roberts." Okay, yeah, whatever. I hope Mr. Roberts is well-endowed and keeps Mrs. happy.