Monday, December 01, 2008

Blargh - A Complainy Post

I am so fucking bored today.
My shoulders are tense. I'm trying to make sure I don't hunch my shoulders up by my ears like I tend to do.
I dislike the dreary light outside right now. I hate that winter-snow light; it's flat, dull and so ungraceful and unflattering to everything.
Cyber-Monday? My email was stuffed with "SHOP TODAY! ZOMG SALE!!!!" emails. Zug. I just can't work up the desire to purchase much of anything right now. Not even that salt lamp. I'd probably get it and be like "meh" once it arrived. The one thing I *really* want (and need!) is a new Macbook. Except I do NOT have the $2200 for the one I want. I literally have no more hard drive space on my old Mac. There was one MLB game I tried to download from iTunes, but can't because I HAVE NO SPACE. I have to offload a bunch of shit and so some serious file cleanup.
I have to finish a few more gift purchases and I really have no desire to do that either. LOVELY xmas.
Ugh. So bored.