Monday, May 26, 2008


I finally started grading the book annotations and last papers from my two classes. Hell. I should go grab a beer. The bad papers far outweigh the few good ones. I also had a kid who really fucked around doing his annotations. I'm teetering on giving him a D. I should give him a D. The fucker really deserves it.
It's actually WARM upstairs. Like, almost uncomfortably so. Except the temp is supposed to plummet again and be a high in the 50s tomorrow, so, maybe I will enjoy the warmth.
Oh. And yesterday I did a little tarot card reading and nearly laughed myself silly. "Insincere messages, cads, false flattery...and the light of the sun (i.e. truth) shining on it all". Hells yes, bitches. The power of my insight and logic will SUNBURN ALL YA'LLS ASSES.