Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Main Stream Media: A Dinosaur

Let me bitch about our ever-so-reliable Main Stream Media. YOU SUCK. YOU'RE USELESS. The grand fourth estate you used to be is a DEAD, BLOATED CORPSE. This is why no one pays attention to you anymore, and it's why Jon Stewart is smarter than you.
Hillary Clinton "crushes" Obama in WV? Big FUCKING deal. Doesn't change the math. It is FAR too little, too damn late. He has out-crushed her in many contests prior to this. And if you want to use Hillary's idiotic racist vitriol, how about this: Obama connects with the vast majority of "white" voters in Oregon and is going to win there. Oregon is something like 90% white? Hillary is a bitch and is going down. Shamefully. Seriously, she is tarnishing whatever good Billy-boy did in the 90s. ACCEPT IT. YOU LOST, BITCH. And I am perfectly happy calling her a bitch because I'm a woman. Oh, and I'm "white"/Hispanic. I'm MEXICAN FREAKING IRISH. How about that? I also like lattes and apparently my vote doesn't count because of that and the fact Illinois doesn't "matter". Whatever, we always go blue because of the Chicago metro, you rag.
I'm SO SICK of this race bullshit. WHO GIVES A FUCK. Don't you think it's time we finally got over this? Obama is as much white as black. Why do we cling to these pejorative views where "if you're one drop, you're ALL black"? GET OVER IT. We live in a day and age where people can be an incredible mix of cultures. If anything, I like that Obama is both. I think it will seriously take someone like him to make this country start examining its conscience and how we all treat each other.
I refuse to believe this so-called poll that says "majority" believes Clinton should be on the ticket as VP. Yeah, RIGHT. The so-called "dream" ticket has been SHOT DEAD the minute it reared its ugly mutant head. NO WAY. If Obama chooses that, that's his crazy fucking business and I will manage to deal, but I can't imagine him doing that. She's been pissing in the well for far too long.
NEW TOPIC: Vatican says it's "okay to believe in aliens"? Great, thanks Benny. Now go get some baby oil and get back to your wanking. Give me a break, oh obsolete dinosaur #2.
Myanmar (Burma): Jesus. That's about all I can say. The junta there? Is evil. Just evil. Seriously, if ever there was a case for the U.N. going in there, "sovereignty" be damned, this is it. That junta is willfully destroying the people and refusing to give aid! They've stolen the aid supplies and haven't handed them out. WTF? Another Pol Pot, anyone? They won't let anyone in. Shit, even CHINA is being open about its earthquake disaster.
God, I am just disgusted today.


Nicholas said...

Yes, except that Hillary has taken all the important swing states, while Obama wins in all the red states that will vote Republican in the general election so his wins there don't mean a thing. And of course the "math" is only the way it is because the decisive wins for Hilary in Michigan and Florida have been sidelined and the voters there disenfranchised. Obama campaigns on "I'm young, I'm black, I'm pretty so you have to vote for me" and covers up the fact that he is an instinctive and kneejerk liar!